We Tortured Her In VR


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    We ruin each other's lives in Uno VR.
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    1. Drumsy

      oh my god did you see that sweater drumsy was wearing IRL that he probably got from www.drumsyshop.com/ wow that was pretty swell guys

      1. Rosa Ferrel

        Yeah I loved it

      2. Rosa Ferrel

        Ipyeah I loved it

      3. Isaiah Fernandez

        u say these bad things but U DONT DO THEM

      4. Cave INC

        Well no

      5. Braden Hicks

        @Torie Quinn berries and dad are going to the house 🏘️ for fishing

    2. Aquatick

      Wat da fuck

    3. kitty cat

      The sad thing is they actually would

    4. Jhun Vargas

      5:21 is a cool picture

    5. IM DUMB


    6. Demitrius Farley

      I thought it was 100% a joke that Moxi gets bj’s from her, but finding out how close they are..

    7. Marcel Visser

      I started watching this and now I want to join them in their games

    8. Suspicious stranger

      4:57 latex free, silicone toy cauntion , HYB , phlate free. I M A G I N E drinking sperm

    9. MC-Snvpez

      5:55 ayo let me get THAT ONE

    10. hello_hi 0greetings

      9:03 the dogs while this all happens bro

    11. CloakedDrago

      9:10 what happened

    12. Star Squad

      And I love zombies 2

    13. Star Squad

      EMI sang a song from zombies 2

    14. Kathleen Flaherty

      these videos are cool

    15. jonah mahaffy

      Lol the beard

    16. jonah mahaffy

      I personally would just skip all my dares

    17. jonah mahaffy

      These dares are so cruel

    18. Gavin

      Even the dog was scared when he was gonna piss in her mouth

    19. Mike Afton

      I love this

    20. wolfleader

      4:22 sorry..... But I was kinda already the leader 😅😭😂

    21. SøphįãLüçŷ

      If you pause it perfectly at 26 seconds, you will see emi pull the funniest face ever

    22. Karma_ Anahola

      Ratatouille what are we cooking today

    23. Karma_ Anahola

      Uno Dos Tres Cuatro Sinco

    24. Karma_ Anahola

      She’s bald!

    25. Jamie Anonuevo

      I love how the sponsor came in then peach emi and moxi are overreacting xD

    26. Stratton

      Warning this wider contains F***Water

    27. Skye Thomas

      wait did moxi actually pee in peaches mouth i am confused if he did or not

    28. Olivers Caune

      how can i join ur guyses server bc im funny i wanna make u laugh guys


      5:56 ........ Y'all know why I stamped that, so GIVE IT. For research purposes obviously...

    30. AR B

      9:11 the dog looks so happy to be there

    31. killingerk

      when your friend tries to kill you they don't realize you when you eat a spoon of cinnamon your lungs can collapse a four-year-old did it for a challenge and he died

    32. Salum Plays

      7:35 THE KITTY

    33. Cat Kid

      What’s your biggest regret Mine is surviving birth

    34. • Aypril

      10:01 oui 😩

    35. whiterabbit75

      5:00 Guess who's not getting kissed for a long, long time.

    36. sam larby


    37. Razvi Maxi

      Yare yare

    38. Yannick Kochmann

      Oh now I get how people turn and have turned bald... They just cut off one tiny piece of their hair and all comes off by itself

    39. gam er

      Cool in a bottle

      1. gam er


    40. Clark Peter Bontigao

      4:44 Yo moxi i don't think that's "fuck water" its C##

    41. Reena Virk

      Wtf f of

    42. cristyandryane

      I’m already ultimate ultimate werewolf oh my back is a lot more stronger liners I’m not trying to offend you but I’m real come out, and I also have two alphas in my name

    43. Your Local Simp

      dog watching like: wtf is happening

    44. Weeb Wental123

      10:01 I swear I almost Cried with laughter

    45. Wolf Tear

      Copy cat literally

    46. MMX Lazar

      I got a ad right as the guy said time to go drink lube and it was a wawa add

    47. Sans Dreamer

      i dare you guys to read comments from discord

    48. Vinnie Kleiner

      i have to displays of goku at my house

    49. DarkninjaYT444 Cheese

      I just love how the dog is just starring into the screen

    50. AlphaRex666

      Can we take a moment to talk about the dog just looking up like “mom are you good”

    51. Jeppe Bahne Sørensen

      in 6:32 drumsy's card look like a sub from subway

    52. Cønfüßęd Añńįë

      100K LIKE! (It turns into 100k from 99k when I like)

    53. EVAN PEREZ

      Mortals stay alive forever

    54. STA_Exept _T

      Did really pee in her mouth or?

    55. ttv_ KiwiLemon

      The dog

    56. baseless water14

      Who else simps for emi 👀👀

    57. RELL k40

      In 5:20 is a Jojo Rathrens?!

    58. XxDestroyedYt

      dont worry youtube its just vr and this did not happen ;) 9:10

    59. horváth maxim

      badger: THE FRENSH AR BACK AND THEY AR SAYING OUI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    60. Nutelaspaceman

      5:55 ok im buying it rn

    61. clyde

      Drumsy:takes a spoonful of cinnamon Me: *does 2 spoonfuls of cinnamon* you challenging me bruh?

    62. Yunika Smith

      Ngl I vomited in my own mouth when he drank the lube

    63. Zavion Simmons


    64. Joseph Costa

      I love this so much hahahahahahahaha

    65. nigth wolf

      OK let me grab my shotguns real quickly

    66. The erreeer man E

      Jojo displate is very good

    67. yes it is me dog is good

      I love how the dog was watching moxie pee in peaches mouth

    68. Star Dashers

      My respect for drumsy after the ad when the second one was Jotaro and star platinum:📈📈📈

    69. The girlfriend Binns

      I am a big fan

    70. The girlfriend Binns


    71. The girlfriend Binns


    72. Elijah Loya

      How can you not like cinomon it’s tastey

    73. I modern I

      2:34 he knows he f*cked up

    74. melon master 66

      I love torture!

    75. Eoghan O Riordan

      9:10 , the dog is questioning everything right now😂😂

    76. mightymatiastv

      6:38 haha friday night funkin refrence

    77. Xa Casino

      Peach: I wonder who that could be. Moxi: it's the Dare inspector

    78. Jeremy Bryant

      Wtf 🤬 how the fu do you not like cinnamon I make a line of it on my desk an vacuum it up with my mouth ya I a sick person what do you has a problem

      1. Jeremy Bryant

        And luv your vids more uno or dare

    79. MeowML

      0:27 Emi Ahegao

    80. TypicalTyler

      For me the funniest part was the “Fuckwater”

    81. Easton Crandall

      Imma get one just in case someone breaks in. The last thing they will see is deadpool

    82. Justin Boughen


    83. MUDCUP

      this is not 18+ its 30+

    84. EnperryDoesVR


    85. xXGalaxy_Traits_LOLXx

      Emi: I have an eraser, I'm going to clean all the mistakes in the world! The first one... YOU! Your whole existence.~ (Drumsy) Me: **Dies of Laughter** Moxi: Can you do me next?

    86. The Galaxy Guy

      Hey drumsy swearing because there are CHILDREN watching aka me I’m 9 years old so STOP swearing

    87. ????

      We are all fucked up

    88. Big Sweater Man

      Drumsy please I just want to watch your videos WHAT IS WITH THE TITLES RECENTLY

    89. Tenzin Yoshida

      Eww the fuck water

    90. Edward Dela cruz



      oh my good

    92. Lucas Cook

      Why dose he have such a great narrator voice?

    93. Diglatté Ofc

      emi. is. toxic.

    94. Doozerdog Charlie


    95. Evan Osborne

      5:21 Jojo reference? 5:23 pog

    96. Tabitha Bowdidge

      Mate that happened to me when I was playing uno irl all I got was yellow and I was like I am god but every card I touch turns yellow

    97. Smash Maker

      Did moxi actually pee into her mouth?

    98. Tmx

      EMI is getting a lot of rainbow and I dare her to shave herself bald

    99. Gaminghood Brothers

      6:43 nice Ultrawide Samsung monitor bud

    100. Smol Boi

      5:24 me when my mom takes me to the toy store