Turning Emi Into A Reindeer


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    Emi, Peach, and Moxi get IRL secret santa gifts from Drumsy.
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    1. Beanzleys Tips and tricks

      I'm a simp for blah blah blah

    2. SuperPlay

      08:07 emi look like meghomine lol

    3. Snafu

      Peach’s intestines will never trust her again

    4. Anonymous Guy

      At 5:51 who would pass up on a free fleshlight

    5. taelor fulmore

      i like how emi randomly starts eating

    6. GreenAnt560

      Drumsy had to pay 20 dollars for one pack of cards, that's karma

    7. Тимур Садриев

      Да друг из тебя херовый Yeah you’re very very shit friend

    8. Saz Kuvan


    9. jakub dudka

      When drumsy belli first onto the grpund i sh** my pants

    10. Saz Kuvan

      Can u all plz stop saying swear words cuz I can’t stop watching u all

    11. Caleb Panting


    12. Jovany Jaime

      I like how emi was just eating in the background while moxi was opening neopet cards

    13. gacha_wolfpack

      You guys solved my depression thank you

    14. Mike Afton

      I love emi

    15. Emilio Briceño

      I sub to peach

    16. naSlash

      Big simps here

    17. Joseph Joestar

      Emi is just me but a girl

    18. Jasmine 4985

      9:33 I thought Emi was eating a turtle

    19. casey humphery

      The add that comes up when she said oh 🤣🤣🤣

    20. sum_er

      Drumsy really needed the views, so he needed Emi.


      brooooo my school back in the days we catch grasshopper and keep them

    22. Anime Lover

      Santas little elf

    23. Modestas Puceta

      Emi is like what is going on

    24. Maxed Lemone


    25. S h e l b y

      YES GIRL ***POG***

    26. ShxversEntity

      1:01 The greatest part of it all is not only her and her reaction and line, but drumsy doing the worm on the floor

    27. Cormack Fitzgerald

      Why does emi look like the 4th grade teacher

    28. R̷x̷b̷a̷4̷4̷

      I have the same flip flops that emi got my grandma got me it as a present 😭

    29. Marcus Dewhurst

      There is at least one good use for fart spray parcel trap for porch pirates

    30. Unknown_Human_Of_The_Universe

      I think Emi should have gotten the grasshoppers. Maybe reindeer eat grasshoppers!!

    31. William Garcia Bautista

      dear mom i´m writing you this letter cause i know life has been bad since you lost all your money when you had to split with dad i know you might need help since you´re living in that ditch but i am giving you nothing but filthy stinking rich ugh ugh

    32. Su Lei Yee Tun

      Peach moxi emi I subbed to all of u

      1. Su Lei Yee Tun

        Oh and drumsy

    33. brandon espiritu

      lmao Emi's always eating

      1. Realkorti

        With such s bad character you need to eat so you don't talk racist stugg

    34. aaron yang

      the girl fish: i can't be with you the boy fish: POGGGG. epic pog moment...

    35. VOP LegoChef9

      10:07 my dad bought that for me when I was a baby. I'm not joking.

      1. noice

        Yo wtf

      2. VOP LegoChef9

        By the way, there is a way to hear samuel jackson read that.

    36. Black Blade

      Don’t laugh at EMI shy is really cool and amazing

      1. Realkorti

        Oh really? I guess that's why she is changing her nick all the time and not because she is full psycho who abused her dog and posts swastikas and blackface stuff

    37. guoqiang pan

      I will sub to peach for chrismas!!!

      1. guoqiang pan

        Then I subbed at April!!!

      2. guoqiang pan

        @noice actually yeah..

      3. noice

        Its fucking April

    38. Sky Fox1242

      Funny thing i wil not subcribe her

    39. Gn0Mm3z

      8:19 Emi got that drip

    40. shark boy

      6:15 i need this for edicatonal purpeses

    41. Alex Silva

      EMI the satellite dish

    42. • Emilys Galaxy Of Unicorns •

      Lol my brothers name is Alexandro

    43. Dotken

      6:07 fleshlight version when?

    44. Rémi l'afol

      8:28 the odd one's out be like 🤩

    45. xXshalixXx yeet

      I did not sub to peach

    46. CaydenGotPwned

      Name a more iconic duo, Big Momma Undies, and Umbrella Hat.

    47. 《Ruby_ Gamer》

      Anyone gonna talk about how miss gurl only has rum in her room all the time xD

    48. shark TV

      what is emi's chanel called

    49. Harry Monteith

      i have that book

    50. Amanda Lee

      shorturl.ca/kisscam0zj0q Tenendo conto degli scenari chiave di comportamento, l'alta qualita della ricerca posizionale implica il processo di introduzione e modernizzazione di metodi innovativi di controllo del processo. L'alto livello di coinvolgimento dei rappresentanti del pubblico di riferimento e una chiara prova di un semplice fatto: la consultazione con una vasta risorsa e in gran parte dovuta all'importanza dello sviluppo graduale e coerente della societa.! E claro que, diluido com uma boa dose de empatia, o pensamento racional contribui para a preparacao e implementacao da priorizacao da razao sobre as emocoes. Por outro lado, a solidariedade de uma equipe de profissionais garante a relevancia do raciocinio criterioso.Por outro lado, a conviccao de alguns adversarios nao deixa chance para um modelo de desenvolvimento. E ainda ativamente os paises em desenvolvimento do terceiro mundo, independentemente de seu nivel, devem ser declarados violadores das normas universais de etica e moralidade.

    51. yup that works Reutov

      It's like 1:00 am and that book is it really makes you want to go to sleep

    52. Cabbarov : C.I.B

      Drumsy's ho ho ho sounds like Anomaly ngl

    53. GemPixel

      Emi simps have gotten way too bigger.

      1. Realkorti

        Yeah sadly. I don't know how people can defend her

    54. Realkorti

      Isn't emi the same one that did that blackface stuff with Nutella and shit?

    55. Vortex_ph30n3x

      Is it just me or is ur first time seeing peach got a lil mini crush

    56. Chase Mumma

      I smell it through the computer

      1. Chase Mumma


    57. Freep Y

      Santa has type 2 diabetes

    58. OofWasTaken

      0:58 WHO GONNA PULL OUT SLEY emi: I will

      1. A Person

        Ah yes, my favorite S L E Y.

    59. TrickedCoyote 13

      1:02 the face of depression

    60. MoMoshiki Otsutski

      4:16 wtf is that things on the bed?

    61. Jeroen Eriksson

      I was cmt 5600

    62. Random STUFF69

      Why tf is this on emi- wait... Just realized emi is emi lol

    63. mY SeLf

      1:02 emi is NOT amused

    64. Nicholas Uriarte

      Peach a alcoholic she always has drum

    65. clovers


    66. Randomizer

      That is a fucking cursed image.

    67. Ana Chavez

      3:27 hot potato It shocks u 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    68. astrid bussey

      in my house we actually have the book 'Go the fuck to sleep' and its hilarious

    69. MXSK

      5:52 hahaha i would put my

    70. Izabella Ludwig

      OMG EMI SO CUTE😂😂😂😂

      1. Realkorti

        Did you mean racist? That's what she is

    71. ohno pAnIkK!

      i dont know why i watch your channel

    72. Logan Surratt

      Grasshoppers are actually good

    73. ich bin cool

      i subscribed to her uwu


      All of his friends looks depressed

    75. Davis Le

      Ok, so the thing is that drumsy only gave emi the costume and reindeer horns, but she put on a whole set of makeup to go with the costume and drumsy never asked her to do that

    76. Jack Black

      I love Moxies laugh

    77. bilal shah

      was emi having a bad chrismis lol by the way marry chrismis to you all

    78. Skelley

      Look at how Emi was eating that chocolate, it triggered the fuck out of me.

      1. Realkorti

        Imagine how much it would trigger you if you would look up her rebranding history and racist rants

    79. Losjo

      A joke from me Drumsy has many hos emi likes Drumsy man gets sad girl eats bugs.

    80. Smol_Void

      5:13 "POG" * w h e e z e i n t e n s i f i e s*

    81. Mina Ashido

      U guys always make me fucking laugh

    82. Mr Guyyy

      She is discussed over eating a grass hopper they are amazing ur crazy

    83. The Supreme Noodle

      Emi looks emotionally dead

      1. Realkorti

        That's how she is if she isn't going psycho again and abusing her dog

    84. Father Dearest

      Is Emi his girlfriend

      1. Realkorti

        Hopefully not. Never put your wiener into psycho

    85. Cole Ashley

      Moxie x peach and drumsy x emi

    86. Zavier Dempsey

      😆 hehe

    87. SirFrankSauce TM

      re . . . . . . . . .. .. .. . . . . . . . .\ ..

    88. San Juan Family

      I fucking died when Emi ate her KitKat like that

    89. ZA WAURDO

      when peach ate the grasshopper i unsubbed

    90. The Alpacamaster

      Moxi has a razer kraken chair with lumber support

    91. Estela Pietrzak

      anyone notis tht the neo pet cards on the amonzon picture was differant then the one moxie got just saying

    92. Floof Goof

      The ho ho ho at the end lol

    93. a.

      4:10 UH OH

    94. Mathias Goossens

      emi gets the funny gifts because she is the content

      1. Realkorti

        Nah she is just a psycho

    95. BootyEater_69

      is this emi face reveal

    96. Randomtangle

      Amy be like,😳

    97. monStro x

      Remove I from emi and replace it with O thats who she is

      1. Realkorti

        Leave the o, remove the em and add a psych before

    98. Zephyr Irons

      Seeing peach like this is definitely different from twitter lol

    99. ixsrealx

      when your girlfriend leaves you: *POG*

    100. Fñąf_Lølb¡ţ

      Me staying up all night and now its 6 am ( Me: f- why cant i sleep-