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    1. Drumsy

      Happy Hannukah 🎄The devs announced Royale Archer VR is 40% until 12/22

      1. Caleb's Crossings

        HAPPY HUNAKA (spelt that wrong on perpose)

      2. Caleb's Crossings

        Yeah go Jews (I am one)

      3. Tendo Games

        @Mux racist

      4. EvilMason G

        Now see the thing is I. Also Jewish and it’s rare to find another youtuber than is Jewish or says happy Hanukkah so thank you 🕎

      5. Darkenedsoul1

        Should of said ghost of shitsmypants instead of Christmas past

    2. The life of Junior

      Holy shit

    3. CrazyCaramel04

      Omg drums said no on my b-day

    4. CurtiGaming

      7:47 I laughed so hard

    5. Claudio Nunes

      Is it just me or does Santa look like a hobo who steals wallets

    6. Josiah Nathaniel

      The video didn't even start and I died

    7. Finn Scheidler

      4:53 so then how did he get the ps5 if his uncle works for Nintendo ps5 are not Nintendo

    8. Hydro Fox

      loll snowman orgasm

    9. MaxDaDwarf


    10. Matouš Tůma

      only milions, i think its billions

    11. Dane Williams

      Leave be the intro

    12. Nate Smith

      I was hoping that they would give him an auswich present

    13. Joanne Bristow

      Every time I watch one of your videos I get brain damage but I still watch more... must be the brain damage

    14. Eeri Schneider

    15. Akomu

      Cant believe Drumsy asked if he's on the naught or nice list and he lets peach and emi on the channel

    16. Luca Pavlou

      They should do a collab with the boys

    17. jtnjtnify live

      playing fortnite and not thanking the bus driver will get me on the naughty list UHHHHHH lol

    18. Monroe Watkins

      Christmas is the birth of jesus

    19. scrappy Jimmy Neutron peanut head boi


    20. jbrown2717

      I lovvvvvvvvvvvve penguins!!!!!!!!!

    21. FreyjaUwU Dose roblox!

      It was so funny I spat my dink no my iPad

    22. Derpy

      hi , im your friendly neighbourhood reporter , UH OH ITS THE GHOST OF SHITMASTS PAST!

    23. jenny hensley

      ah yes i too am apart of the kool kristmas klub

    24. Emmyers85


    25. Emmyers85

      8:12 is that messyourself

    26. Brian Channel07

      Who the F*ck are you? I’m bob THIS iS CHRISTMAS

    27. ChonkHonk


    28. Anne Lombardi

      Hahaha hahaha

    29. Glen Brit

      drumsy:Whats the meaning of chrismas santa:I'li show you around drumsy:I would love you to show me around santa ;) stanta:This is a fobitten romance

    30. Spectrum

      2:20 (who tf are you?) (IM BOB)

    31. Jeff Busch


    32. ido aharon

      r u realy a jew cuz im tew

    33. Connar Weight


    34. M G

      8:13 sounds like messyourself

    35. Anime Art

      Hahahahah lol when he says "friendly neighbor" it makes me laugh.

    36. Marvel rebirth verse Studios

      Oh my God you are singing too loud

    37. Ashanty Carrosco

      Its messyourself :D

    38. Adelaide Furtado

      Why is drumsy always squatting

    39. unTROLLableYT

      Penguin sounds like joshdub

    40. Mishaalx3x_

      “Shitsmas past”

    41. Dane Clooney

      I just remembered one time I was watching this I watched some of it and then I got to the beginning and then I turned off the TV because I was watching it on the TV and then later I was listening to music it was very quiet music so I turned it up to max and then I turn this on again and then I suddenly Heard something saying POO!

    42. Ice Tide

      I love how Santa sounds like the embodiment of Get Off My Lawn Grandpa

    43. a t

      I coat you lacking in 4 k

    44. a t

      I coa

    45. Trace Mooney

      My favorite part: “Right here is Christmas Catherine, she knows the meaning of Christmas but she no fuckin snitch!” Lol! Ligit so funny bro! I love this video so much! I saved this to my favorites because it is so cool and funny to me and I just love it so much! I subscribed and hit da Notification bell cause you know I’m a big fan right? I watch you every day! You make me laugh and smile! My favorite character is Santa in this cause he’s so fuckin funny I cryed of laugher because he’s so funny ! I love your videos so much I would not miss one video but sometimes I do! I started watching you in 2020 and I saw one of your videos and I laughed so hard! I almost died of laughter! Marry Christmas btw I’m late cause I’m still new! Lol! My favorite member of the Drumsy channel is Emi and You! (Please pin me)

    46. Zek Draco


    47. BESTAn!me Editz

      He always gives out Trump speeches 😂

    48. Ibrahim 120 Fps


    49. Amber Andersen

      I'm dying and its not the snowman

    50. S t a b b y S t a b b y

      Do you know why Santa says “Ho Ho Ho”? It’s because when he’s travelling around the world, he’s basically calling everyone a *hoe*

    51. FNF Boyfriend

      the ghost of shitsmas past be like: DUH DUH DUH DUH DUH DUH DUH DUH DUH

    52. P E N G U I N

      happy shitmas

    53. Darkenedsoul1


    54. GDawgsGamingDen

      We will remember shella

    55. BlueX

      "Whenever you feel lonely, just remember that BlueX is here" -BlueX

    56. best boi123

      For some reason NLname censor my password look *********

    57. Kim Knauer

      Have to be very quiet when you're delivering gifts example screaming loud screaming I'm falling loud screaming

      1. Kim Knauer

        I watch it over and over again

    58. Kim Knauer

      Delivering gifts you got to be quiet screaming I'm falling I'm falling screaming I'm falling insulin and cookies

    59. Mini Squal

      Do you want to no the difference between snow men and snow women the snow balls

    60. Preston Botherway


    61. A troll


    62. Emily Luna

      the meaning of christmas is the birth day of god and the meaning is the word christ is god and mas is church. ok!

    63. A troll

      7:48 🤕

    64. Mike Roy

      No he was already blessed

    65. Lilly Baldwin

      “I’m just a little Jew-ISH

    66. Ben Addleman

      Me: Scared to be the only Jew in a crowd (Finding out that Drumsy’s a Jew) Me: yeah I’m perfectly fine now

    67. SpaceTar64

      2:14 bruh the snowman😂

    68. A troll

      I laughed so hard here my vision was almost to blury 0:46

    69. Barrie Boi

      Thank vid ur not in 1933-1946

    70. Пеналов Пеналов73


    71. Phaylen Quinn

      That’s the ultimate weird Santa. Jeff is my favourite :3

    72. Child Drummer

      Drumsy u want you’re Chanel for Christmas

    73. P1 Goonie

      I die in the Gulag in fortnight

    74. Minnie Mouse

      I am the ghost of shitsmas future

    75. Jase Games

      I still think the boys are funnier than Drumsy im sorry dude but i had to

    76. Nathan's world

      All the puns that srumsy can go

    77. TOml0l3 [Thomas Aguilar]

      6:43 I did that yesterday. Lol.

    78. Izzy lizz

      why don't you wear the poo skin all the time

    79. Tiesha Brown

      I never knew what a naughty boy Santa was

    80. Kieran O'Keefe

      Mister class: who the f are you the snowman:I'm bob

    81. zact lee


    82. Corbin Repp

      Do you celebrate Hanukkah

    83. Jaekyle Martinez


    84. charlenelee1023

      No one litterly no one Santa: do I smell a Jew [snezze joke ahead ]drumsy that's just me a jew

    85. Adam Portch


    86. Ben

      He ain’t Jewish He is dewish (I know that was horrible, kill me now XD)

    87. Winner TPOT

      0:12 poo

    88. Maddilyn Nowicki

      holy jususe

    89. Mehki Edington

      i'm unsubscribing because u didn't thank the bus driver D:

      1. Koolkai


    90. Xander The When

      Well the man who wasnt accepted into art school is going for drumsy

    91. Unknown

      How come a video on not throwing out a mango husk get 300k likes but this only get 33k likes It literally starts with a poo joke

    92. Marigold Bergman

      Santa: who the fuck are you Me: he forgot to cut out that part

    93. Johnny Gustafsson

      I died when Santa Said be Quiet and then he made so much noice 😭😂😂😂🤣

    94. i6yw


    95. Scrap

      Is it bad that I played this on a speaker at my house when everybody was awake?

    96. Marigold Bergman

      I’m Jewish too

    97. Skyvaderxx Gaming

      You have natas josh dub has reeee kid

    98. Bunny

      “Shitsmas” I weezed so much

    99. Alikethree4 Games

      All I want for Christmas is poooo duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh

    100. Westthebest5

      2:07-2:14 the funniest part Drumsy: I'd love for u to, show me around Santa! Santa: ooooh Also Santa: this is a forbidden romance