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    We played Uno in VR, winner gets to make me tweet whatever they want. Big mistake.
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    1. Drumsy

      Big thanks to Ridge for sending me this wallet and supporting the channel! Here’s the site if you want to check them out! >


        @Fnaf Gameing wat?

      2. Fnaf Gameing

        @DEATHLY GAMES you please

      3. Ms. Sosa

        peach was going crazy

      4. Lex Arriga

        Your two years younger then my mom in this vid

      5. Awilda Keese

        @Jaxton Alan I am trying it out right now. Looks promising.

    2. KatsukiBakugo


    3. Samual Pruitt

      Peach is like me when someone does something before a even make any moves I get mad and it makes me want to punch out all there teeth. But don't worry I have a controlled temper

    4. Deewee


    5. Fastfactor6

      hate to be on peaches bad side :0

    6. Ethan Ko

      at the end when it says "unoscribe" people can mistake if for unsubscribe

    7. djeha omar


    8. Kaeson Playz

      3:48 peach rage

    9. Julian Figueroa

      Peach was screaming like a Karen

    10. Mr_SnugglesGamer 2018

      lol (unoscribe

      1. Mr_SnugglesGamer 2018

        I didn’t put another punctuation )

    11. Drakolino Dracolino

      Emi was like me when I get my chiken nuggies at 4min and 50sec

    12. Jose Tiru

      " TAKE YOUR CARDS BICH" i took my cards bich LOL IM DYING

    13. Keira Nichols

      moxi and emi's cards defying gravity make me question why i didn't do this in vr chat as well

    14. Reid K

      I want emi’s vr skin

    15. 楊舜堯

      7:30 P*n*s

    16. CVMX JPG

      When they added sound affects to her slamming the uno card on the table absolutely slumbered me I swear to cheetos 😭😭

    17. ultimate wolf

      She did put the card down

    18. Yin Wan


    19. BlueBerryPlayz

      emi is so cute

    20. Nonowolf nolan

      Drumsy I feel you mij crush rejected me😪😪😪😪🤧😪😭😭😭😭😭

    21. Belinda Kennedy

      4:37 Yeah I’ll have what she’s having I wanna speak gibberish

    22. Bang Bigger

      8:07 REMOVE THE "O" in unosubscribe

    23. Samuel Sanchez

      3:49 im dying🤣

    24. Shattering

      He's 25 years old!?!! What the hell, he looks like he's 37 or something close to it.

    25. Nightcore For Life

      I Think peach was angry

    26. Soul_Keeper_XD

      3:57 😂😂

    27. Rory

      3:46 peach didn't put it yet! Poor girl

    28. Snakes can Bake


    29. Holynder

      What's with all the cat girls?

    30. 77 Dream

      Was you 28 or 26

    31. Ryan von Lutzow

      Gets one card played against him "YOU GUYS ARE TARGETING ME!!!!!"

    32. fukuro kun

      What rules r u playing with?! 🙂

    33. Ashley Cannon

      I took my cards bitch’

    34. Danny DuBois

      4:35 according to youtube statistics 80% of viewers just left

    35. Nobody4443

      3:45: KARENNN

    36. Rachel Fouse


    37. The Fortnite trio Delmans


    38. LOVE This Games

      3:55 I sincerely got scared, but died of laughter at the same time LMAO

    39. Silverelvien

      Unoscribe made me think of unsubscribe. Just had to say that.

    40. Paradoxed_Boi99

      Some things are wrong about that picture-


      3:45 peach was right!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    42. James Storan

      Emi(the cat I think) reminds me of myself (I'm basically drunk all the time)

    43. Cheyenne Lopushok

      My dad is older than you my dad is 29

    44. Willa Alpha

      When I was washing’s u I was eating pizza for breakfast!

    45. Tasty Tasy

      My volume when peach got mad 📉📉📉📉

    46. ben sodrosky

      1:48 3:43 funny

    47. rMeSclan

      Just bought my ridge with code drumsy. Ooooo.

    48. Kuromi

      3:50 I love how Peach started screaming 🥺

    49. 行くGOไป channel

      0:45 อะไรนะกล้วยไทย

    50. Jaekyle Martinez


    51. cosmic cipher

      3:47 peach needs a hug

    52. Red Diamond


    53. Axel Sirisi Mateu

      Gotta say, that ball pun was hella smart

    54. Eddie Thomson

      They did it to drumsy to and he's not as mad a peach

    55. some random depressed person

      I never in a million years expected drumsy to get in a relationship with Breezy (a transexual if you guys didnt know yet which isnt a bad thing its perfectly fine and I support her change)

    56. takenspace163 the real god

      Why did he sound like Hugbees when he was thinking to himself

    57. Manawa-Jen Tukere

      Peach at 1:50:nice Peach at 3:50:AAAAANGRRYYY

    58. Hope N Weeby

      4:33 english ppl what they see when watching japanese anime intro

    59. Esmeralda :3

      3:58 BAHAHHAA

    60. Brody Kimball

      How many subs I have how many fucks a give how many bagels are in mt fridge

    61. Fool Bait Gaming

      How the hell does this uno game work it starts from going from peach to drumsy then to emi from emi it goes to moxi and moxi then to drumsy thats not a circle thats a disformed shape

    62. Julian Glover

      She didn't put it down yet! 3:46

    63. The new Air dragon

      When peach raged lmfao 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂💀

    64. James Boothroyd/natsu dragneel irl

      Emi makes wierd noises Me:oh o you broke her again

    65. Minecraftr Gamer 123

      He said read first

    66. Play Can

      3:48 lol shit gets serious

    67. Michaela Liza Morales

      what a funny video rel funny

    68. Amazinggamer56 Clark

      Moxi is rude ngl

    69. tylerbot27

      you sound like that dude from deadliest catch ngl

    70. Michael Bech

      You deserve this sub.

    71. LonelyStandUser

      Peach sounds like my mom

    72. Gavin Rodriguez

      I like a drumsy's skin

    73. The Lil' Weeb Boi


    74. Enju Nestoris Lapidemsibilus

      ok. as a catgirl this buggs me. the person across from you is also a catgirl. HOWEVER shes wearing headphones normally. how does this work? does she have two sets of ears?

      1. Enju Nestoris Lapidemsibilus

        also at the end OwO yeah i definetly like her style

      2. Enju Nestoris Lapidemsibilus

        i like emi already. "the amount of fucks i give" XD also the incoherent speach that sounded like korean, weirdly enouhg

    75. Mike Jones

      Add a new member

    76. CattyMouse


    77. Xray Roblox

      And poor peach she always gets mad can't drumsy be nice to her so she doesn't scream My EARS DIED so stop screaming pls

    78. Xray Roblox

      I ship drums with emi bec drums is weird and let's emi always do what she wants lol nobody noticed that he has a crush on emi

    79. Mohd Safwani Affan Alli


    80. illy the wolf


    81. wysraf

      me casually watching not knowing how to play uno and thinking the circle thing is meant to make next person skip a turn or something...

    82. Patrick Tibble

      Wait if you yell uno at a color card you pick it or am I getting it wrong

    83. Misty Kitchen

      “Yes that’s how a circle works”

    84. Jaxon The farmer

      It sounded like she was crying

    85. XDBoomer


    86. error sans 404 gatser

      wow she like a 5

    87. james riordan

      I hate emi now

    88. Lloyd He

      Unoscrible look like unsubscribe

    89. Mick XD

      8:09 like and unsubscribe?

    90. Stefanie Letcher

      This game was a mistake like you...

    91. Jessica Wronska


    92. ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ꧁ᥴꪮsꪑꪮ꧂ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

      25 years old more like 52 years old *dabs*

    93. Antonio Stamenkovic


    94. jillian Desio

      Why does this vid make me feel like im single

    95. levent zegrek

      Did no one notice moxi getting head by peach in background(of the tweet)

    96. some hobo

      I love how peach goes worse than a scottish rage

    97. Xraysibsincle

      Lmfaooo “there’s a girl unlike that follows me on Twitter”

    98. Savi wolf Wolf group

      Will you ever show your kids the videos nope never me I be watching these videos

    99. VerySpecial1444

      When i playd uno i never got dare so they all been jeluos bcs im **xheater*** but im not and guy peft the server by sayn': go alios badaboi

    100. Ron 133

      the way moxi said "The number of bagels in my fridge." so robotically