The Church of Emi.


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    Drumsy and the gang go to Emi's church of bowling.
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    1. Drumsy

      Click the link to check out Current for yourself:

      1. Black_out

        @Cookie Crumble “9.

      2. the janitor 998

        So they are dating

      3. Marquis Hatcher

        I am just kidding ima go sign up right now

      4. Marquis Hatcher

        Emi has said she will do what? I guess im not signing up ;)

      5. 鯊魚

        Emi have 4 ears?

    2. Neon_Look

      3:47 after that bit Drumsy lost over 50 million subscribers

    3. Random Name

      Every time watch these, I laugh my ass off ngl

    4. Saz Kuvan


    5. Widline Beaubrun

      where billy

    6. FP Studio


    7. Niet Veranderen

      Do you guys like anime im watching the seven deadly sins with mah father UwU

    8. A lemon

      I’m atheist.

    9. Animax

      Is that a MIO AKIYAMA BODY PILLOW?!?!

    10. Wolfgaming2077

      If you get shot and die you feel the pain for 10 more seconds

    11. Ryanplayz


    12. spicy_cyberman88

      You go to hevan if you sub like and turn the bell on

    13. krespo menna

      is it scary that i understand most of what emi seys? should i be worried.

    14. XYS cryptic

      bro i broke my screen subscribing

    15. Roblox Potato and Layla

      bush's best bbaked beans UwU

    16. Funny Dog

      back in 2019-volerant ad plays

    17. Timothy van der Brugge

      ‘people that play osu go to heck’ damn finaly IM GOING

    18. bmcdonnell811

      No if you nike and subcribe

    19. Klat

      I’m pretty sure if emi owns it it’s not a church

    20. Quentin Heck

      7:09 AYE AYE CAPTAIN.! (arm goes ballistic)

    21. Roblox Steven

      so many gay/bi people

    22. FLIPPIN WEEABOO yeet

      She neglected to mention something People with John as their name but spelled without the H go to the boiler room of hell

    23. Israel Ramirez

      5:33 - 5:40 HEY!! Drumsy, that was NOT okay. That jumpscare almost gave me a heart attack! NOT COOL! 👎

    24. esty roblox

      Well I'm 11

    25. Anthony Toole

      11:03 beansssssssssssssss

    26. Kerry Birchley

      *N A P T I M E F O R E V E R*

    27. Scofield Woodward


    28. aaron banaag

      satan listening to this:

    29. Joan Gamer :D

      11:05 well quess they made it

    30. ChristinePlays04

      a haunted chruch? *laughs psychotic* so where are thom dead boddies? can we use their blood to paint? you got a basement? *giggles* you tryna tell me ghosts can kill me? *laughs* they can't do something that already hapenned 2 years ago

    31. ChristinePlays04

      relegions eh? well JOIN MY CULT, it's called the cult of humanity there's 1 rule inside this cult, think twice before you do something ask you'r self will this harm anyone? will i die? will someone else die? will someone laugh? if all answers are no- then you are free to do whatever you deside within the humanity cult

    32. TheFoxMusic channel

      “People who drive camaros go to heck” Me: ok :)) :(

    33. TheWolfepup06

      "Try It Now Or I Will Jingle Your Balls"- Emi 2021, *Very Poor Choice Of Words*

    34. The Skald

      Now this is a church I would donate my money to.

    35. PanosGaminGR


    36. Amzie Edwards

      Is your arm OK peach

    37. Liv Max

      Emi is so funny 😂 😂😂😂😂

    38. Wolfy_Boy104 TheGreat

      And i got ####ing scared

    39. Wolfy_Boy104 TheGreat


    40. Hell's Games

      I was going to hit the youtube home button this was the next video in autoplay

    41. CM2F Fam

      Peach: back in 2019 NLname: this shit boring here’s an Amazon ad

    42. Dogedogwowow2 ok :p


    43. Christopher Lee

      hey niko let`s go bowling from gta 4

    44. Nova BRITTON

      Seven deadly sins Ten Commandments

    45. JaMarion Simpson

      wtf emi on crack 3:50

    46. Dusk

      me as Christian: I don't think i should like this.... but I do great video

    47. Pixie Fernandez

      Dude there is literally a picture of a can of beans when moxi is talking about it just put it in slow motion to see XD

    48. Kian Gouws

      Emi's faveorite song is "On Another Lever" by The Score

    49. Christian Hee

      The highfalutin mountain cumulatively moor because croissant unintentionally shop an a extra-large extra-small exuberant fog. protective, languid advice

    50. PinkStrawberry

      Did Moxi meet Peach on OnlyFans?

    51. Janiya hollinshed

      shout out plz

    52. ShadowGacha_123

      im 9 XD

    53. Reckless Hippie

      "I dont want to go to hell" "I do" XD same 0-0

    54. Reckless Hippie

      OMGG when he said.."2nd least favorite place the first is arbies restaurants. " never related to anything more.

    55. Gail Ambrose

      emi: if you subscribe YOU GO TO SOME WHERE ELSE drumsy: maybe the drumsy channel? emi:gross me:that's why i haven't subscribed :)

    56. the917s


    57. xenomorph poop

      Drums you know that this is going to offend a hole ton of people but this video is so good

    58. Cedgeemo

      6:57 the black parade has started

    59. Link

      bruh you said arbbys but they have M's on there hats

    60. silversteam 1684

      hi emi and drumsy i love you guys (my name is emilia and me nick name is emi) ❤😂🥰☺

    61. BOi


    62. Peter Chau


    63. xLukaxx

      There’s 50K giveaways/subscribers for the 💕 E M I - C H U R C H 💕

    64. 《 Fate 》

      "pretend we're not on christmas costumes" *wild scary reindeer emi appears

    65. Lucifer Morningstar

      I’m gonna ignore how emis vr character is thicc

    66. Scott D

      Drumsy you're narrative style of comedy is genius. Keep doing what your doing :D

    67. GDawgsGamingDen

      I can’t decide is this is a actual religion or a cult that emi has made

    68. Mostafa Aleleawe

      0-0 0w0...

    69. Fumeishi Noshi

      saw the title and immediately said, "Ah, I guess my mom was right, being an athiest was just a phase."

    70. Boo A Ghost

      0:29 that’s what she said

    71. Tanjiro [The demon king]

      I want to go to hall 😁😀

    72. Niko Niko __ 0795 #love anime

      What is Emmy NLname channel

    73. Mr King

      i didnt know santa was a youtuber :O

    74. Daniel Ney

      The way he talks is amazing and it makes the content better. oh hell sounds pretty bad the way he said that was beautiful

    75. Jim Samual

      I thought it was spelled Emmy

    76. Quebec

      more of a cult

    77. E X O T I C B U T T E R S

      6:56 smells like my emo phase

    78. Brittany Britt

      Drumzy I’m in danger

    79. Rick Grimes

      Why come you make fun of the Bible you can’t judge us only God can

    80. Bill Cipher

      Karen: are you making fun of jesus?! Muslim: no ,then I wont be a muslim we are supposed to respect other religions Karen: .......hello 911

    81. BryceVFX


    82. ItzPauli


    83. Gabe Wilhart

      The most mind blowing part was the ad in the middle of the jumpscare

    84. A Rat

      Emi is a furry

    85. Stephanie Tang

      I finally know were peach's avatar is from Also how is a holy church haunted

    86. Sir_ Broken

      i know its a joke in all but i play osu! and im generally offended if i see r/wooosh deleating

    87. Aleyda Machado


    88. Sir Capsalot67

      I’m a simp for emi

    89. Cookie Bake


    90. the_jestersシcircus yt

      Fuck it. *I'm going to write Drumsy x Moxi fanfiction on wattpad and there's nothing they can do to stop me*

    91. Maja

      Please write your first name, second name to be a part of Bowling religion. ______________________ __________________________

    92. Elon's Edits

      people who play osu! go to Heaven

    93. chance1479

      2:52 hmmmmmmmmmm something seems wrong here let's see made in 2021 jan 2# it's march 14th hmmmmmm don't mind it they made in christmas times of 2020 hmmmmm THIS IS AN OUTRAGE TIME TO BAN DRUMSY XWDBOHEFBOJEOCBFWEYCHUYFBCYFRBB this is a joke by the way=D so read it like on and also no arguments or wars in the reply section thank you=)

    94. ꧁Ayesha Manha꧂

      Im muslim ☪️ 🕌 🕋

    95. My uncle like turtles

      Peach actually has a only fan?

    96. mightymatiastv


    97. Nightmare Horror


    98. Donald Feathers

      I wanna join i only got three ehhh hahahapain constant pain

    99. Nonbinary_Darling

      9:13 is just- wow emi-

    100. Amber Moffatt-Stonehouse

      2:04 😂 😂