She Ruined Driving Class


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    Peach tries to drive in VR.
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    1. PandaGames

      Oh hey Spongebob reference

    2. Capcarbine

      They were in a Philipine shop.

    3. William Howard


    4. ΗυἕῨʂąđʙøʎ

      5:23 "Is That A Dog?" When I Tell You I Flew😂😂

    5. Wolfgaming2077

      They did a sponge bob

    6. Ic3Wolv3s

      This ones hot IS THAT A DOG

    7. bonnie bunny

      Is peach's character made of ink?

    8. Zapatito Blanco

      Moxy turns to a Nissan ae86 trueno that hot

    9. Im from Florida You wont understand a word I say

      Not me searching for a damn video on this channel that I haven’t watched.. I finally found one, I’ll punish myself later for missing this one

    10. Carlosmanuel Farinas

      I love how there casually driving a 240sx without a reaction

    11. Brendan Davis

      RIP the 180sc

    12. Sherwin Mendoza

      Im an filipino and i found the philipine flag at 3:40 mabuhay ang pilipinas

    13. peaches benson

      I just realized the part where she was like how many points do I have thing I just realized that that was from spongebob 😂😂😂😂😂

    14. Tara Comer

      She had to I have got a zero use no way that she could have gotten hey six

      1. Tara Comer

        I meant there is no way that she could’ve got a six

      2. Tara Comer

        . I bet there is no way that she got a six

    15. Ara ara sayonara

      Me who already had guardian tales way before this video

    16. plabskie

      Fentanyl killed my aunt

    17. tokyo ghoul

      did he just say 6 four tome git rid of one of the 6s and you git 666 aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    18. Kaleb Rutgers

      5:03 the sponsor that sword is the master sword from legend of zelda

    19. Dogedogwowow2 ok :p

      7:39 no

    20. David Death plays games

      19:14 2% of subscribers unsubscribed

    21. Questirace

      The guy pulled a mrs.puff on peach

    22. John Samuel Bonifacio


    23. Gundam Barbatos

      I just think that the way Peach poked moxi in the chest when she said “at least you still have a life” was adorable.

    24. Armando Contreras

      After peach drank the driver juice she Should have said ‘that shit bussin’

    25. The Diamond Play Button

      This video was 620-640 seconds long

    26. A4 Biker

      3:17 omg the Philippine jeep yes

    27. Kate Lovely Ghorl


    28. Jordan Quintal

      fun fact dope means drugs

    29. OutLaw IsWhat?

      Its more fun in the philipines

    30. alcaliff09 Jumdani

      Did some body say red horse 😎😎😎

    31. Itsuki_ Chxn

      I love the point moment

    32. Moo But No


    33. Gabe Wilhart

      That segway almpst made me slip the add😂

    34. Gabe Wilhart

      So glad the spongebob skit worked out

    35. The Smash kid

      Wait why does drumsy need to drive peach if she works in only fa- ohhhhh

    36. RacaRobert

      I love the sponge bob meemes

    37. logan gavin

      spongebob reference

    38. Isabel Cervantes Guevara

      1:17 LOl drumsy body gone he broken

    39. Astroboi 10

      I literally got that add a second before the sponsor

    40. Jacob Busuioc

      Hey wanna snort coke

    41. Sky_Playz 104

      Drumsy when he in the back seat on the jet be like - *heh* I’m in danger

    42. Scott Hiszem

      More like ramming into everything in sight

    43. セスS e t h

      Red horse actually exist and i know this it’s probably the best beer i ever had in the Philippines

    44. The Caffeinated Crafter

      I want some of that peaches having

    45. Aqua 323

      Sometimes, Jeepney Drivers just relax. Very accurate portraiture 3:35

    46. 1_AlastorWindsor2 The Guy

      I need a link to her onlyfans

    47. Addison Pointer

      What game is this?

    48. Shine_the _Espeon

      is the snack bar person from helltaker

    49. vj gta

      Peach is a beach no offense peach

    50. Lando Climacosa Iraola

      I play guardian tales but "sniff" I accidentally deleted it it really hurts I have 20 epic weapon and 12 legendary weapon and legendary character "sniff" why

    51. EidaAndFriends

      I realized, in 3:12 is Philippines- YO SHOUT OUT TO THE FILIPINO AND FILIPINA'S-

    52. Raine_playsz XD

      Oh look Filipino store Pog

    53. B1 224

      Dude you guys are in the Philippine world ieve1oqjhsijqbw9wwheowbw9eoeejheeiej We Filipinos really get excited when we see our country or hear our country name in a vid kwheowwheoeowkjwhwowkwhwwjowwhwhw

    54. kuma bear

      Wow their came from the phillipines i wonder if who drive the airplane😀

    55. YuanMae

      The Filipino server makes me so happy 💖🇵🇭

    56. Dead Base

      All the Filipino fans, know the Fentanol is literally just beer

    57. Mandi Leigh


    58. cookiethe lord

      ngl tho guardian tales is a pretty good game

    59. imim imh

      peach just casually drives a filipino jeep i miss riding them

    60. JesusDeputy

      That filipino shop is quite accurate

    61. Tam Tam

      “I feel like, I’ve learned a lot today.” *”I don’t.”* “From, hitting my instructor to, learning how to drive a fighter jet into the water, and now, my boyfriend. Turning into a car. Oh yeah I forgot about drunk driving but that’s in the past y’know it’s fine! We’re lookin’ forward now! To the future!” *”Peach, I’ve taught you everything I know. I think you know what you must do.”* “I do, I do sensei.” .... *mini car pulls up* “WHAT’S UP FUCKERS!!” *”HAHAH”*

    62. Cap

      I just thought of a either the intensional or coincidence that peach is introduced without a face in some video and the character she is is Selty from DURARARA has no head, because of the mystical creature she is which raises the question did she know and choose the character according to the reputation of never showing a face

    63. Majdolene Fadlallah

      0:08 is part of an episode in Spongebob

    64. Ethan Heitz

      Alternate title: E-Girl Smacks Up 240sx and Commits Vehicular Manslaughter

    65. baka benten to

      Its the philippine flag 3:44 Im a fan from Philippines Love you video💖

    66. Yxeon

      Where is linder- :/

    67. Nerd Berd

      peach: they give free watches for children me: oh thats sweet peach: what a good trade

    68. abby morrison

      drumsy: anything could play right now and we'd watch the whole thing *does an sponsor* me: skip button go BRRRRRRRR

    69. Cosmic Aesthetic

      I'm a 28 year old man and poopy prison had me dying

    70. Quite Bad

      The filipino shop 🇵🇭 woo

    71. ducky stellar

      0:10 sponge bob

    72. koko beam

      Red horse beer hahaahahahahahahhaahahahahahahahaaaahaha Its filipino beer

    73. Gamerlilteso Williams Jr

      DRUMSY: starts putting gas in midi car. MOXI CAR:moaning vroom! PEACH:uh I don't like this why are we doing it.😂😂😂

    74. Maduxx

      I died when he said “I’m a little fart girl welcome to my poopie prison”

    75. Earl Johnniel Dizon

      XD drumsy why you choose Philippines Street it is perfect for peach ahahahaah

    76. Kyle Beaton

      What map is this and is it in VR chat?

    77. Goose Lad

      *I put those three children Infront of the car* THE WHAT

    78. A channel

      I like how no one noticed the sponge bob reference in the beginning expect for one person.

    79. jake and cythis

      I'm I the only one who knows the anime?

    80. Bananaz For Pokémon

      I love the moments when they break character and just start laughing.

      1. nola


    81. Derrick Brown


    82. Dayne Lazar

      Does Moxi get extra drifting points

    83. BrownDoggyYeeter Gustafson

      Yo props 6:15 and follow me on roblox nottherealgrant

    84. Perla Campos

      is that earth 2.0

    85. TheAnimateMan

      0:00 Spongbob Joke

      1. TheAnimateMan

        0:08 is the real one not that

    86. Lord DarkFluff

      I walk everywhere I save a ton on car insurance and gas money


      God shes bad at using the jeepnie which is my phillipines vehicle

    88. Dhouxy Umpad

      Piatos, Vcut, Nova, Cracklings, Boybawang, sweet corn, chippy, and redhorse

    89. Tristan YZY

      Is that a SUPRA

    90. James Tierney

      I just realized that peach's motorcycle helmet is the motorcycle helmet from durarara

    91. Shiba

      3:12 yo she has rockin' the philippines's jeepney

    92. new kid

      You have 666k views

    93. Ollie Kanaka


    94. Ryder Wilson

      Right now this video has 666k views

    95. Dubub_RBLX

      I love that 180sx, great lightweight drifting car.

    96. the cake master kaeli

      ooooooooooohhhhhhh!!! who lives in a reference under the sea? COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT!

    97. Luke DM

      PHILIPPINES jeepney

    98. Lil Cranberry

      I play guardian tales

    99. lodi cakes

      Not red horse😭😭