Selling This Little Kid.


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    Drumsy puts small boy Natas up for adoption in VRChat.
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    1. Drumsy

      i’ve been watching too much iCarly

      1. 26k_vibess


      2. Sofia Soto


      3. Channing Miesbauer

        I love this so much

      4. Spazz FNッ

        i just started watching it

      5. hishamgamerz021


    2. jake mcgill

      my password is ############## and gmail is ##############

    3. Steven Quartz Universe

      w h y i s k a k a s h i t h e r e

    4. TheThrilledOOF

      I wish I could see all the natas videos when I search natas drumsy It comes up with this video and little kid danger zone :(

    5. C.P.C Space Agency

      Who read wreck it Ralph ZoO WEe MAma

    6. Aikon Saiyan

      Mr.Lester Got me dead 😅

    7. fanawb PvP

      natas backwards is satan

    8. WXO_Foxy_Gamer Studio

      We need another episode of this

    9. Fire Fennec

      Any body see ma bible?

    10. Who knows

      5:18 that scream is so fun

    11. Dally Trip

      Drumsy is fricken awesome

    12. Sushii bun

      "anybody seen my bible?"

    13. SPIDER

      0:53 I CANT STOP LAUGHING 😂😂😂😂😂

    14. zach jacob castillanes

      drumsy be dumbsy be cuz he clumsy 😄

    15. chancla boy

      I just realized natas is sata n backwards

    16. Heli wittenberg

      Wait wait wait the end is from icarly the tv show hmmmmmmmmm sus 🤔

    17. Blue Boy

      I have seen almost all of Drumsy’s videos, and this one is HILARIOUS! (Almost because it’s impossible to watch them all in a small amount of time. Anyways, love the content!

    18. Joseph Billington

      kcashi sensi

    19. Jesse Black

      0:52 This kid be spitting facts

    20. Jesse Black

      Ahh yes. Episode 2, this is really what I needed in my life.

    21. josh bartlett

      why does natas say a swear word drumsy

    22. ꧁Storm.does.Gaming꧂

      hello im from the future and we still never got that church video

    23. The Unsanitary Dinosaurs

      This was like Vanoss 2.0

    24. Mayes Davis

      can you make some more video of this

    25. Zockerboy Zürich

      The end is sad

    26. Tyler Kennedy

      There is a way to get out of doing school work heres how to sike

    27. Gooier Tester

      I can’t really tell if there Christins

    28. djeha omar

      2:42 who this guy

    29. Drakarue2

      :O did i see kakashiiiiiiii

    30. Pro Cheffy

      Is it weird that I cried when drumsy made that speech about not wanting Nadas to go?

    31. Marley Free

      that was a icarly episode all over

    32. BTEP

      sometimes I wonder if Natas is a 7 year old kid

    33. Dust!FellswapPapyrus111_YT

      Ngl natas sounds like bri-ish And my favourite part: 1:38

    34. LORDBEAN

      how do i get firelord ozi

    35. The Dorkasaurs

      adopt mean ah yes the best roblox game

    36. Robert Rangel

      "i like these chips" there literally chips 😂

    37. Diego Mora


    38. Renegade Taco

      How the fuck did I get here?

    39. Raizel Ece Fulgencio

      Ok no one is gonna hide the fact that there in the yandere house

    40. Green Yoshi

      natas is satan backwards

    41. Monal Singh


    42. Marshall Johnson


    43. Fiferz

      0:51 best line

    44. Julia Callahan

      I lost it when Firelord Ozai asked him if he wanted a facial scar

    45. patata_0w0 uwu

      This suppose to be funny x"d I feel sad

    46. CHARLIGHT CONFIRMED light read da Bible

      Hey IcArLy ChEcK ay read the Bible- REBOOT REBOOT REBOOT

    47. Ariana Tijerina

      zoey mama..

    48. Andrew Mendoza

      my favorete line ¨scibity boppity blad, now im sad¨

    49. Timothy Lo

      the end almost got me crying


      your talking about dhs child protection services only 15

    51. DogDog Draws


    52. McGraw

      I don't know why the "Did anyone hear a strange child noise??" part always kills me

    53. Jade Thomas

      Icarly is the best

    54. Riley Kozlow

      When he said I like this chips then In My Head it would be a good meme.

    55. molin patc

      Me:thinking that this was a little heartwarming One of the pastors: (interrupts) Me: nevermind

    56. Hailee M

      That policeman who left with a slice of toast XD then the pastor who lost half his body and said ‘anybody seen my bible’


      Ya drumsy

    58. Bread and Bean industry’s

      4:07 somebody tell me how to get this avatar or I’m gonna be sad

    59. the Roblox gaming channel


    60. OG Tube

      1:23 CHIPS

    61. Danny Tanny Gaming

      7:51 One Of The Church Boys Is Peeking Through The Window On The Right.

    62. Shyanna Barnes

      its so funny when the 3 officer was holding toast LOL XDXDDXXDX

    63. Rorik Weidner

      5:08 me:This isn't your house,bitch.

    64. Judah Waahkah


    65. Tombstomb Wewe


    66. You Just Got Mollywhopped

      Pastor Touch Thyself, Pastor Lez Bian, Pastor Mike Hock, and Pastor Moe Lester. The squad is here.

      1. bubby

        Now we just need Pastor Ben Dover

    67. Andrew Mendoza

      you want a scar kid? natas: I gOt A pUrPlE sCaR oN fOrTnItE

    68. Savage_playz

      Hi I was wondering if you could shout me out because it’s my birthday I get it if you say no but it would really mean a lot for me. And bye

    69. Gorilla Naruto

      How he called Natas naruto

    70. ShinXī

      Pastor:Anyone see my bible Me:hahahahahaha

    71. LocalFailure .d


    72. PauStef SV

      I like these chips aaaaaahhhhhhhh

    73. Federal Bureau of Investigations

      He's with us

    74. Dynasty Corez_

      I love vr but i don't the vr thing😓

    75. Zavion Simmons


    76. Ziva Gonzalez


    77. Creag Matthew Thompson

      I died when the person just popped in the window saying ''Anyone seen mah bible?''

    78. GOD OF NYEH

      Friday night Funkin be like 2:46

    79. carmeloplays

      Natas: *swears* The Cristian Men: WE MUST PURIFY THIS NON-CHRISTIAN CHILD

    80. Leslie Richardson

      fire lord ozai

    81. Jonathan Almeida


    82. Zachary Johnson


    83. Leah Smiley

      Natas” Nathan” Naruto” WhAt IS HiS nAmE? 2:29 exactly pause it and u can see mama Midoriya-

    84. Richard Diaz


    85. Zekrom

      JayStation: I bought this CHILD of the DARK WEB! (GONE WRONG)


      hello nathan

    87. aharry83

      i can finally play outside of the basement

    88. FaZe Sway

      8:19ANYONE SAW MY BIBBLE😭😭😂😂😂😂😂

    89. FaZe Sway


    90. Yes

      The only reason I subscribed is for Natas worth it but I need way more or I’m unsubscribing

    91. azul1aco

      6:42 *LE HOLY RUNNING*

    92. iiNoruu

      It's seems like a "roblox game"

    93. p1ggy. .cxllab


    94. p1ggy. .cxllab

      Paster touch thyesf 😳😳😳😳

    95. p1ggy. .cxllab

      Triangle child

    96. p1ggy. .cxllab

      A wii character 😭✌️

    97. stievengaming YT

      anyone seen my bible

    98. stievengaming YT

      i do really love you naruto

    99. Lei Wang

      A salt do you know charges? Assault is for harm to someone or a police officer or any special forces

    100. King Turtle

      i like how its the holy bibble not bible