Scottish Home Intruder.


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    Drumsy and Scottish girl Illy have their VR home robbed.
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    1. X -Roblox-Gems- X

      1:12 Stolas stalking Blitzo at 3:00 am:

    2. シTubboシ


    3. ϟinc

      how have u never found you before this dude

    4. william corey

      Wait is that berthotld

    5. Divemaster Daniel

      Burgler King ❤️

    6. Mr. Turtle

      I wish drumsy would give some helluva boss Easter eggs in the vid but I just started it so who the hell knows haha

    7. Lunix

      Yeah I love when in my favourite Anime they talk about sponsors and to hit the subscribe button

    8. OracleScrolls

      “It’s a home intruder!” Nah that’s just Stolas, he may have lost his trans dimensional book again.

    9. Jeremy Willis

      The guy from hellava boss

    10. angel dust

      Give him blitzo 😂

    11. RobloxRunner

      Lol this is the best video in my opinion You leave your doors open your windows your toilet bowls *your bank account* Drumsy: What was that last one? Home Intruder: You're toilet bowls

    12. RobloxRunner

      Lol im dying 4:32 Oops Got your nose Oops got your DVD Player

    13. RobloxRunner

      Bro imagine you get a call and you see the call coming from inside the house Me: well its been fun owning this house goodbye house *burns the hole house down*

    14. 0:56 Im taking Jujutsu classes bye

    15. The-Anh PHAM

      “Fill me with potassium, daddy” Drumsy -2021

    16. Kitty luna21

      The introder is just a charackter From HELL of a boss XD

    17. the codez

      I got crossout on my ps4 because of this video

    18. hinata kyouki bitch


    19. Minecraft Idiot

      That’s stolas 100% hahshahha

    20. ꧁Emili jones꧂

      "𝗦𝗹𝗮𝗽 𝗺𝘆 𝗰𝗼𝘁𝗲𝗿 𝗶𝘁𝘀 𝗮 𝗵𝗼𝗺𝗲 𝗶𝗻𝘁𝗿𝘂𝗱𝗲𝗿" top 10 best jokes top 10

    21. Matthew S

      .How did he get from Hell to their when he has not teh book...

    22. Matthew S

      I type to much

    23. Matthew S

      Am scawed UwU

    24. Matthew S

      Oh snap they got the gay Hell prince in their home

    25. zane Monhollan

      Y r scottish people so cute

    26. SpiritTheCatFemboy

      Stolas really went from being stolen from to stealing from

    27. Jashaun Mayes

      Is that sanji

    28. Clarissa Johnson

      Are they dating?!

      1. xandra xie

        No At least I know of

    29. Garid Meyer

      First reaction "why the fuck is stolas in my house"

    30. Jan Andre474

      I wish drumsy breaks into my house and tels shut tea fuck up

    31. Derek Pichette

      oh damn stolas is a home intruder

    32. Bodhi One canobi

      Oh its the owl from hellufaboss that wants to #@%% blitz

    33. dont know why

      Are you married to illy

    34. Glue smeller

      Everybody gangsta till stolas intrudes your house

    35. Aiden Weed

      At the end I can make him sleep forever and force him to drink chocolate milk and make him choke on a marshmallow and it's alone =marsh mallow alone

    36. Aiden Weed

      That was not a dvd player u know cause I have one and a vaches

    37. Aiden Weed

      Tbh the begining looked like a movie also did anyone notice that the season two is the naruto letters

    38. NotPico

      Crossout mobile

    39. VloggingWithMase622

      That home intruder looks like the owl from helluva boss

    40. Dax Gaming

      Undertale fans 8:38

    41. 999MangleBaBy 999

      Is she a furry?

    42. Joshua Still

      This is dumb because I'm half scottish

    43. Eri

      Patty cake patty cake - I don't wanna sing the rest ..

    44. Pure Vessel

      No your a demon

    45. Naomi Bush

      The intruder really said oh no I wasn’t talking to you I was talking to drumsy.

    46. 플리오

      It only took 2 seconds for me to realize that I was watching what I'm not supposed to..

    47. InquisitiveRaven

      Nationality based puns, nice

    48. Kids Aibangbee

      "I sometimes drop this in the bathtub when I'm not feeling too good.." "Wanna talk about it? 🥺" "No.. 🤧" *Oh shid then i'll be on my way then*

    49. Phaylen Quinn

      Shooter shooter home intruder.

    50. Aiden Henderson

      Moshindau NANI *anime music intensify’s*

    51. Terra Aurorra

      this is what my brain like drumsy " ???????!"

    52. Blin Bleart

      Does he know that character is from helluva boss

    53. SaturnTea

      Me with bad social anxiety like: 👁👄👁

    54. Heather𓆙snakes

      patty cake patty cake suck my- Oh- *Phone rings* Me:Wha-

    55. e is the best word if u disagree go die in fire

      I thought the video would be sponsored by Raid Shadow Legends

    56. Johnny Discord


    57. Blue Robot

      sans undertale moment

    58. Awesomegoat

      Uhhhhhh how does he know what his grandma tastes like?

    59. Giorno

      Is it free on Xbox series x drums

    60. Black Heart Gaming

      I had no idea that Stolas watched this youtube channel XD

    61. Lydia Childers

      *”I wonder what you smell like..”* -some home Intruder 2021

    62. Scribbles TV

      *tucks in drumsy* sleep weirdo!

    63. Companion Cube

      Maybe we should beat him up. Me: maybe we should call the cops? Hhhmmmm??

    64. Z3R0 V20

      Fucking stolas bruh go back to helluva boss 🤣

    65. Nikki G


    66. Lisa Joy

      Stolas though

    67. crowmanperson

      6:38 yea boys

    68. Ava Does Stuff

      is that stolas from Helluva boss?

    69. Christopher Hasenbank

      Is Crossout free on PS4?

    70. handsome jack


    71. AnjaysterYEET YEET

      A while ago, in a class, I was sitting next to a girl of Scottish descent who was my friend and we were learning about the effects emigration in China has on seniors who can’t take care of themselves, and rely on other family members to take care of them, and my teacher asked us a question, she said “what if you were an old person who couldn’t take care of themselves and your son who was the only one taking care of you lived in Scotland” then she said “so, what do you think is the problem” and I jokingly said “the problem is that your child is living *in Scotland* !” And my friend jokingly gave me a fucking death glare and when I noticed, I was just like *’oh fuck, I’m in danger’*

    72. • Kidc0re miku •

      Stolas 😟

    73. Mizuki

      These are the best videos ever

    74. Tate Wimberg


    75. McKinley Mercado

      2:20 This is what i did when i saw that thing. 1:15 Btw its a joke

    76. horse go neiighh

      huh, i wonder what the induder looks like... 1:09 OH DEAR LORD ITS STOLAS- looking for blitzo i assume

    77. Itay Pigovat


    78. K Lul

      Ladybug+owl+human=that thing

    79. Austin Wilkerson

      Omg its the guy from helluva boss

    80. HYP3R_TRIX

      Jew-jutsu Drumsy march 2021

    81. DankMemes

      I'm not scared 1 second later i'm scared

    82. LeonGamingMinecraft Youtuber


    83. Brandon Heck

      Yo the thing I want to know is why does you and Scottish girl lily live in the same house

    84. c0rpsew4ifu

      This came 2 days after my birthday lucky me lmao

      1. Meli Os

        Happy early birthday!

    85. Ethan Bradsha


      1. Meli Os


    86. Sammy Morris

      ME TOO

    87. DegenerateProduction

      The most disturbing thing I saw in this video was Drumsy smiling.

    88. DukeOfTheCastle

      Omg yesss hazbin hotel and helluva bossss

    89. Linda Zink

      It's dat guy from Hellava boss sorry if i spelled dat wrong :)

    90. Braddic Stewart

      That a aussie European the girl

    91. Jakub Wood

      drumsy your charakter realy lookes like an anime charakter

    92. Daniel Nkemka

      "The call is from inside the Höuse"

    93. •{Swamp}•

      *oh my god it's Stolas I thought he only intrudes Blitzos house*

    94. Rai Rai

      after watching this for so many times, i still can't get over on how genuine her yelling at drumsy is 4:24

    95. Nicole Browne

      Hi I love bit Oh my god

    96. [Bottom text]シ

      "taste like grandma" wait so you know what your grandma taste like

    97. mY SeLf

      Oops got ur nose oops got ur DVD player Them: starts laughing

    98. Hanazo12owo 1

      The puns!!!!

    99. violets corner

      Literally 4 seconds in and I like the video becuse off it’s humor XD