Scottish Girl Ruins 2021


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    Drumsy tries to make Scottish Girl Illy uncomfortable in VR.
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    1. Jace Gamer12

      :( 8 live in Australia 😥😥😥

    2. • Aypril

      YOURE JUST LIKE YOUR FATHER *harry potter flashbacks*

    3. • Aypril

      2:45 is hilarious you can’t tell me otherwise

    4. Star Squad

      I subscribed

    5. Star Squad

      I subed

    6. N3onCoryx

      Illy is my favorite person in these videos

    7. Itz Candy_ #meh#

      OI im afennded Australia is tha best mate!

    8. hentaisimpdude lol

      When is she gonna do a face reveal?

    9. Killer Rath

      My name is steve I want you to believe Because you now manually Blink and breathe

    10. Binx c:

      Where is my aussie gang at??



    12. Littlewolf

      The real joke of why is 6 afraid of 7 is seven ate/8 nine

    13. angus carrick

      Wait if Australia doesn’t exist does that mean I exist

    14. Phoenix

      9:00 well... she was right XD

    15. Ashoka Simp

      You should ask her out you two are so cute together

    16. Jack Lorraine

      If Australia doesn't exist how come I live in Australia?

    17. Terrance Tsai

      4:55 i finally realized how large her forehead is

    18. ???

      Me , a german hearing Illy want to be german : POG 10 seconds later : Dis..GUSTIN

    19. thane wargaming

      she scared me into subscribing

    20. Quisi Bran

      i like your booooo g

    21. Jacob Skinner

      i l o v e y o u r vids

    22. shahad_draw502 anime


    23. Memesof 2021

      I wonder if she is still broken

    24. David Cooper Roblox and more


    25. Der General

      If she ist German Then she Most Go in Blitzkrieg mod

    26. Ian Burstein

      Now I really want a Scottish cat girl

    27. •lolsys• fnaf

      8:35 every eternal youth "satisfying" minecraft vid be like

    28. Meow Cat

      Where’s my Applebee’s drumsy (pulls out banana)

    29. Zarah Wilson

      she scares me

    30. Jake Clarke

      They need to hook up not gonna lie

    31. Koley Rae

      Look at his legs in he's falling in the cheese 🧀

    32. Inky 367

      I am going to do vr chat

    33. Inky 367

      Hi how do you record

    34. Easton Martinez

      illy: I don't think I can make it work with him Sherek:they see ma rolling

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    36. top hat

      People: Australia is fake Me: what do you mean I live in Australia Also me: maybe I am fake

    37. InkシNationsシ

      Illy: Australia and Australians don’t exists Me: what country am I in?, do I exist?, am I an illusion?

    38. Sheree Harris

      When you said that if there was a worm in your Apple🍎 I was eating an apple at that moment 🤣

    39. TrdShowAL

      Illy, Illy, Illy.. on Discoooord

    40. Master Helix

      3:03 This scene remind's me demoman from Tf2, when he's losting he's mind. xD

    41. You got tuna’d by William Afton

      The government at the start: 😰 The government when they laughed: 😌👌🏻

    42. Holy T Sticker

      1:26 Angry Scottish girl

    43. Cameron Miller

      I'm Australian, come fight me.


      0:53 this is moment when my ears commiz suicide, she screamed SO FUCKING LOUD

    45. Dyllon Brenner

      Your videos are great but illy makes it amazing and hilarious

    46. Just a random student man

      lookat the likes lol

    47. Itsyaboisans13

      These two are the most comical duo and I love them!!!!

    48. Nonkana

      Shrek Wazowski

    49. Darren Beresford

      I love you

    50. pebble

      I am a robot from a fake country called Australia :]

    51. Agatha Johansson

      "you wanna bet" LMAOOOO I LOVE HER SO FUCKING MUCH

    52. lilac

      omg y r u so mean to illy crying face crying face crying face

    53. Victor Sun

      I go to the college with the indoor balconies

    54. Troy Ekholm

      three people need to stop unliking this video

    55. crusader monke

      I'm german

    56. Jason Bland


    57. Jason Bland

      I'm uncomfortable-

    58. gaming with mr panda 47

      i have never seen such an angry girl i think its a scottish thing

    59. Sarai Delgado

      This is too funny 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    60. Tsaioki Okaen

      0:29 r/unexpectedcommunism

    61. Tsaioki Okaen

      0:32 wait, she's communist? Welp I am too so...

    62. Wildpuppy 682

      She got my sub by insulting me lol

    63. driftic


    64. the bestest sheep

      wheres my applebee's gift card.

    65. Andy I

      U guys so mean to each other

    66. my name is jeff

      I can make you guys uncomfortable Your bones are wet

    67. Unicorn Miniya

      I HAVE DIABETES TOO YEEAAAAAAAA😂😂😂😂😂😂😃😃😃😃😃😃😯😯😯😯😯😓😓😓😓

    68. michael southam

      Really just really look illy I’m Aussie and we don’t make robots but nice joke

    69. Alpqxe

      At 0: 49 illy says she's a germ Illy: This year I'm gonna be a German Drumsy: you are a Germ man *laughs a bit* Illy: IM A GERM IM DISCUSSING!! Me: ILLY IS CORONAAA!!

    70. Phantom Kill-Verse

      jokes on you i saved a pigeon from being govermented

    71. Rat's Friend

      i subed

    72. James Ricardo


    73. Drew Rupp

      4:40 ii just subbed

    74. Grafe clan

      68000 thousand likesssss

    75. YeeYeebruh13

      who else looked at there toes 5:05

    76. Seton Nguyen

      What if we kissed in front of meat car?

    77. Plus 4 Animations

      69k likes heh

    78. Plus 4 Animations

      Illy insulting me genuinely made me subscribe. you were wrong, drumsy.

    79. peppa pig

      I think 3:18 made me the most uncomfortable then i have ever been-

    80. Joseph Mulligan

      Ths video is cheesy

    81. Stephanie Wallace

      Your perfect to tether

    82. coffee addicted _bernout

      69k likes ha

    83. *- contrast -*

      it almost had 69 likes and 420 dislikes, who ever added that one dislike, w h y

    84. Jhamine Ellerie Golimlim

      Uh i eh i don't know what to say

    85. Colby Fosmark

      I was so scared that i subbed way befor this

    86. selfie stick

      The roads are so cute

    87. Reagan Le

      7-8 9s *ss


      I love do voids

    89. 《 Fate 》

      oh man i cant believe how drumsy is so mean to elly and elly is so mean to drumsy 😨😨😨😱😱😱😱😱😱

    90. Líł Pãñdå

      0:32 THATS WHY I. LOV

    91. Kiyoko Shimizu

      Instead of feeling uncomfy i feel comfy good try though

    92. Taylor Lane

      No he not

    93. margus sarabada

      unsubscribed..hurt lily

    94. Whitty

      7:18 *The Ambience sounds nice, Wish i knew it*

    95. DaNny

      I c you're Still milking her for content drumsy...

    96. Dawn Corbin-Grays

      0:06 Their FBI agents : crap, they caught on to us

    97. GrandMaster Nutbuster Yoda

      Illy is 99% the reason why I subbed. The 1% is the S++ memes and shitpost status moments.

    98. TheGaming Lobster

      at 6:10 i swear i hear her say ill marry you

    99. Jinan Fahad


    100. Jack Peters

      I’m Australian I’m not does that mean my life is a lie