Scottish Girl Is Scared Of Everything


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    Scottish girl illy and drumsy go through a horror game in VR.
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    1. Drumsy

      The drumsy merch pre-orders are only available for a few more days if you want to get yourself a nice Christmas gift!

      1. Slimy Summer

        @Tanner Kase what you talking about??lol

      2. Tanner Kase

        @Ligia Tensley Checking it out now. Seems promising :)

      3. Ligia Tensley

        Dunno if anyone gives a damn but last night I hacked my girlfriends Instagram password using Instaportal. You can find it by Googling for InstaPortal password hack enjoy!

      4. Jennifer Cyr

        Thaksc dumsry

      5. May am i an idiot

        @lil Mike ay am not groot

    2. Dakila Likha

      that laugh at the end

    3. Kaela Keogh

      i have a few words,....,get out of my swomp!!!

    4. Hii


    5. blue techo

      Drumsy: DID YOU EAT TACO BELL me:yes I did

    6. Sophia Lapierre

      illy is so fucking cute i cant😭

    7. Kira Plays

      This was a lesson 😎

    8. Lil_ Wolfie

      illy is me cause I'm such a baby

    9. xXTheMuffinHeadXx

      Lol someone used this audio and i loved it i enjoyed this vid

    10. Amelia Gerlach


    11. Windyx MoonlitxNight

      It’s just a hallway.. *it’s just a hallway*

    12. Windyx MoonlitxNight

      Okay so we *may* have a death on our hands-

    13. James Arthur Wellington

      3:34 that grandma twitchin looks terrifyin af but no shit shes vibin to the music (Whats the music i gotta vibe too)

    14. Henkkahenkari


    15. Soba Noodles

      Sooo whats the name of the horror map...?

    16. Rachael Strycharz

      No one: Me watching this video: 👁👄👁 Me when someone has a soccer ball: 😱😫😠 eAeEeeEaeaeEeeEeEaeEeeaeEeEeeEeEeEeEEeEeEeAaAaEeAeAeEAE

    17. RadicalShuz

      One meets their fear the more they try to avoid it Also me: playing tag of life with my mum holding a belt to her left and la chancla to her right

    18. Terrance Tsai

      ngl i like zombie illy

    19. gamerlaw 09

      Illy is my favourite

    20. Laurynn Green

      Drumsy: If your happy and you know it clap your hands! Also Drumsy: If your happy and you know it clap your cheeks! Illy: *Slaps Drumsies Cheeks* Drumsy: *Smacks Illy* Illy: Jesus.

    21. Laurynn Green

      Man: *comes outside bathroom* Illy: AWAWA!

    22. hentaisimpdude lol

      Plot twist: It's just a guy having explosive diarrhea!

    23. Nightcore Akali

      I might be stupid but why does it remind me of Silent Hill P.T

    24. themoolacat o94tuna

      Another one

    25. sosij role

      i wish i could get pancake house but i use an oculus rift and not a htc vive :(

    26. kuka ite oot

      soomi mainittu PERKELE

    27. Itz_ Erin

      Drumsy and Illy: *Older than me* Me: *Playing this by myself and not screaming*

    28. Nezuko Vo


    29. dark flames


    30. Edrick Fulay

      I'm scared of everything

    31. Andrew Griffin

      Illy's glare though. You missed spooky month

    32. He Man

      Bro how did I learn more about life from a NLnamer than school?

    33. domix domix YT

      This video was actually the greatest

    34. ??????

      I didn’t know drums was a Scottish girl

    35. maria theresa tan

      It was so funny when drumsy slaped scottish

    36. Black Roses

      whats the map called?-

    37. vinnie618 _

      Is any one happy that this vid go 1m views

    38. RedTailedFox #551

      2:21 Scottish racecar

    39. Sue Hartley

      Lol haha the first scream

    40. Vali Brasha

      The message at the end.. i loved that.. w i s e :]

    41. Dark Moon Skye

      DRUMSY:come on use ur big girl words EMI:ARE U CALLING MAT FAT

    42. Xurst__

      plz ask illy for a face reveal

    43. MaksimNite HD

      jooooooo i know this map from karketplier in the game qt

    44. Nathan Wright

      2:49 as soon as u clapped I was playing ark and I accidentally clapped my hands 😂😂😂

    45. Alpha Team

      Me at The end: don’t try to make this educational

    46. Gracie Gonzalez

      drumsy talking about his friends at the end of each video has done more help to my mental health than 5 years of therapy

    47. Riley Snyder

      What happened to the dad

    48. øji mac

      i got so confused like- is it ily or illy bc ily means "i love you" but illy is just a name or somethin'

    49. Gabby guerra

      illy stepdad scared me when he said “kitty🥺”. but it it said sweet☺️

    50. -Drawing Berb-

      This is the fisrt vr horror video that actually scared me-

    51. Chezzy._.Rabbit

      this is why I want friends that play video games-

    52. dope tanks

      I S H I P T H I S

    53. UWUboe

      The fuck is this? Kyöpelinvuori is a finnish name for a location

    54. JpKp

      Wait if Michael is from Kyöpelinvuori. Does that mean he's finnish?

    55. Dayz Kaden Cat

      It’s the pt hallway

    56. Purple guy

      seeing illy terrified is for some reason hilarious

    57. big benji

      i just can't beleive that drumsy just hit a girl

    58. Rai Rai

      2:38 7:51 8:05 for personal use

    59. Bethany Prahst

      Can I get "three things that make me happy: puppies, murder and sandwiches" on a shirt please?

    60. Set Bersalin danita


    61. I exist

      i just realized this is the map from qt-

    62. Lilly Baldwin

      Sense you are so wise,is it ok to eat a whole pack of lemonade without and water,just the pure little sugar pieces of lemonade,it’s sugar free :)

    63. Connor Clemmons

      Zombie Illy: *Zombie grunts* Drumsy: Illy, that's highly insensitive, I can't believe you just said that. Zombie Illy: *Confused zombie grunt* Also Zombie Illy: Banana bread! Ok, that got to me.

    64. Kittens V

      I was like: this end is too wholesome, This is gonna change.

    65. IIchxrry_cookieII

      Im Albannach cuideachd. (Im scottish)

    66. tman 213

      gotta admit zombie illy is cute

    67. Lone Black Wolf

      She’s wearing the hoodie I want

    68. crazy_booiiz

      yo I played this map in lbp3

    69. pointer 18

      Play phasmophobia

    70. Maria Gonzalez

      poor illy

    71. Michael Gornik

      Did anybody laugh at drumsys speach

    72. Josh O'Brien


    73. me in a dress

      Damn she turned into a zombie

    74. Shin Godzilla

      Whats the map name

    75. turbo dude gaming

      If Illy stabs me. Please tell me that i can keep it.

    76. Michael Weidner

      I skipped the merch advertisement by 10 secs and the next thing I heard was my name being screamed by a Scottish woman. Was confused for a good sec.

    77. Turkey

      I love how it gets wholesome lmao

    78. Oblivion4573

      why are only some of your swear words censored?

    79. Charlee Havens

      "Murder? eh its fine"

    80. Cleetus Mcfetus

      2:20 THE JUMP

    81. GennyVera

      Speaking of scared, once I was playing murder 4 in vrchat and there were these really terrifying Marrinette skins that barely fit in the lobby, they were all chasing me. Just me. And there were about 5 of them.

    82. Reymiq

      Can someone count how many times illy has said "fuck"?

    83. rissabarber


    84. Erin Martin

      Us scotish people don’t fu*k with ghost or demons

    85. DE4D EYE

      the meaning of Kyöpelinvuori: in Finnish mythology, is the place which dead women haunt. It is rumored that virgins who die young gather there after their death at the start of their afterlife. It corresponds to Blockula of Swedish mythology

    86. Sher

      what map is it called i want to scare the shit out of my freinds :>

    87. the visa to my mona lisa

      why is her saying shit so funny to me 🤣

    88. Lucy!

      Illy is my favorite B)

    89. ElysIsWeird

      Me in online school and playing minecraft: I wanna hear some music! Also me: Ah yes screaming Illy is what I'm gonna listen to!

    90. ItsAGreatDayToBeDead

      Why was drumsy like my therapist at the end-

    91. Jordan Wizner

      When she was being Scottish lawnmower Drumsy looked so intimidating lol

    92. Mrs Anxiety

      Michael: “kitty” Illy: “AHHHH! MICHEAL!” 5:08 3:28 “banana bread-“

    93. Penny Graves

      me when someone says bakudeku is better:NO NO NO NO NOOOOO

    94. Penny Graves

      great your disgusting me:hello...its me

    95. Bruh Look at this dude

      What is the name of this map

    96. Mr. Chīzukēki

      1:22: pain

    97. Charuzu

      How is all this comedy became this deep

    98. Kingnoob

      Illy sounds like sans a the end

    99. Jillian Zavitsianos

      2:21 illy seeing that she’s in vr horror stuck forever

    100. Sophia Sezer

      Drumsy + Illy = Ship