Meeting Our Fans Was A Bad Idea.


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    We brought our viewers into discord calls to talk with us in VR.
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    1. melchor aquino gasmen

      hol up, is the first person illy

    2. Snafu

      For real what happened to Illy?

    3. Ruffer Ice

      We just ingore swagger in this

    4. King Jay

      drums join my zoom

    5. Kaige White

      Why was peach shaking on the fire guy part.

    6. BloxBurg Master!? [Builder and tour]

      How the nacker jacker backer lacker facker splunaker do I join the little discord server you own I need to know or I will track emi down and have moxie lick her when she is sleeping and after moxie will kiss drumsy and drumsy will have to get illy to throw Jeff’s ashes again

      1. BloxBurg Master!? [Builder and tour]

        Rest In Peace Jeff

    7. Ailen from FBI

      11:02 the background😳

    8. Gamer Vloger

      To see what go back 20 seconds

    9. Gamer Vloger

      I agree With guy at 6:42

    10. Seav Long

      How dare you call us degenerate I’m not degenerate

    11. cookie_gacha _kawia bear

      My real name is brooke-

    12. RuneOfRed

      persona 4 cosplay : *plays persona 5 music*

    13. gunnerz gunner


    14. Heather Baikie


    15. Official Hippo Gaming

      TFM JONNYS BETTER THAN YOU no offense sorry for the caps I just like tfm more

    16. NotSo Ghostie • 100 years ago

      Wait...who’s Brooke?

    17. Sonic Kirbys

      I would’ve went to a job and make more money to buy them all.

    18. valeria rey

      I whant to tell you i love you so must you are a talent and i love so must emi and the nather girl what is she name ? Any ways j love guys

    19. spagbowl

      2:09 Peach try’s to kill drumsy

    20. Donald Trumpet

      I thought the death whistle guy was about to say “ have you ever heard the tragedy of Darth Plaugeis the Wise?”

    21. Rj Crosbie

      out of everyone linden is my favorite

    22. boltp777

      If you call me a cuck one more time drumsy.....

    23. Forest Fox

      Me in the whole videos be like: -_-

    24. dracodargon playz

      have faith in the heart of the cards. my favorite yugioh fraise

    25. Rosa Ferrel

      Lol the dude be editing he didn’t do magic lol Moxy still got his debt

    26. Freakshow Media


    27. Watch Zion Tv

      Dude the thumbnail is Matthew Raymond

    28. Jordan Belgard

      where is brook

    29. Doggy


    30. dragonfruit

      just noticed that the video is 12 minutes, 34 seconds long

    31. GalacticCat 24

      7:38 why did this guy sound like swaggersouls

    32. Logan Allain

      I like the last guy

    33. Luka Paulsen

      ° ° ¯\_/¯

    34. Lawrence Green

      peach simps bl "TAKE MY MONEY!!!"

    35. Ana Araujo

      I thought you were gonna say ligma balls

    36. Damian Raley

      bro i swear that one guy was smashing

    37. Katsuki Bakugo

      Tf was peach doing and where tf is illy

    38. RangerCreeper

      Fro the people who din’t know that spongebob did marry sandy They got married in “spongebob’s mind” and this happened when the restaurant had a anniversary party and they got trapped in the vents of the Krusty Krab

    39. osmar ortega

      The last dude was the best

    40. DaleLad

      I’m going to imagine I did not see this aha 😂 2:08

    41. Ara ara sayonara

      That dude is asking the real question *WHERES ILLY*

    42. MoMoshiki Otsutski

      1:00 where are my webbs anbu mask on

    43. Kerry Birchley

      *N A P T I M E F O R E V E R*

    44. Charlie Fritts

      I hate simps.

    45. Blur

      the outro tho

    46. Ghostskull Romero

      Where's Brooke👏👍💙

    47. yaboijon -roblox

      Your vulgur

    48. Soma’s Gamerworld

      Why did that dude sound like swagger souls at 7:33

    49. Polish Doggo


    50. Juan

      I’ve been subscribed for two days and after realizing I could not watch all you videos in one day I jumped into a time-space paradox. Day 42 in the time paradox, loving the content.

    51. Brenda’s Creations BrendaV

      Peach: he has ligma Me: ligma balls

    52. Nezuko Kamado

      . why do i watch this stuff-

    53. adamthe VR

      whats the discord server

    54. LemonFishBro

      I enjoyed this season

    55. kurt krauer

      it is awesome, "where is Illy" and Brooke face reveal, its just her

    56. AlkwardAtTimez

      Ummm at 7:36 does anyoneelse realize he sounds alot like SwaggerSouls

    57. Hiro& Zero Two

      6:35 I mean the first person who was honest agreed btw

    58. Joan Gamer :D

      I love the final person that joined the call it’s my fav part

    59. Sinon The Epic Gamer

      At 5:02 that person is cosplaying as Persona 4 golden character

    60. Marxi

      pyrocynical 😂😂😂

    61. Jennifer Jones

      I love yall

    62. D.M.W

      Not simping but first girl is cute

    63. Reinaldo Vlog

      Hello i have suscribe to your NLname Channel

    64. Math Fracture

      On the magic skit that one girl with the helmet was like rapping her hands around drum SUS neck

    65. GD Ethan the bomb

      11:02 no

    66. Scofield Woodward


    67. moon light


    68. raygun kirbs

      4:51 wrong music right franchise that's persona 4 and the music you played was from persona 5

    69. carsondoesgames

      i hope you have a great day drumsy i love your videos

    70. Lemon LIME

      this is soo funny the comunity is so talented


      7:58 wait I didn't know Skeppy had a kid with badboyhalo OwO


        Who ships skeppy x badboyhalo UwU

    72. Makayla Barahona

      nooooooooo it emi for me

    73. Geordie Williams

      whos brook?

    74. • 朝シイAsãshii •

      I have kids in my basement ✨✨ greetings from poland :33 If you wanna be in their team leave a like

    75. Am dark Chocolate lab.

      Me : time for putting matches in my mouth-.

    76. Nick’s Life

      I love the persona 3 expression I’m a huge fan of the persona series

    77. ImjustArandomGuy

      3:13 what’s up with emi bro

    78. flupsdarups

      the kendrick roasts Lamar was beautiful

    79. Carpe Natem

      8:05 who the fuck is this guy? Illy simp gang represent!

    80. jathan sanches

      is it me or was peach and emi making out

    81. Cayden Brown

      from gta 5

    82. Savannah Wilson

      Who is your favorite person in the Drumsy crew? I have two, mine are Peach and Emi

    83. Banana Drake


    84. RAmal Bamal

      That is from the GTA meme 11:59

    85. Rand Al-Adayleh

      Ok sooooooooo my favorite member is all of you💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

    86. YoshiBaby 21

      That last guys a legend

    87. Andor Rynd

      If I would ask you a question it would be why do your thumbnails keep coming up when my mom walks in

    88. Grim

      7:38 he sounds like swagger souls...

    89. Bananice

      Was not expecting Brooke lmao took me a few moments to realize

    90. The King Penguin

      4:42 weeb squad

    91. stacey corbisier

      weres brooke!

    92. Katsuki Bakugo

      Hey there’s a guy over there

    93. TheManGamer03's Gaming

      5:08 all of the sudden I want to watch Yu-Gi-Oh

    94. Esmee Serna

      .......... 🤔

    95. Esmee Serna


    96. Gianna Betances

      Emi:and then you just put the magic in your mouth Me: h a h a t h a t s w h a t s h e s a i d

    97. Unknown

      *me try’s that magic me puts the fire in my mouth me like AhahhHahHhhaahhHhHahzjksikIkaia HELPpPppp

    98. Donstantino

      Bring back the Scottish queen illy

    99. Azariah Rowland

      HEY DRUMSY I ATE FIRE TODAY MY HEART WAS BURNIG litterly oh why are there almost like two furrys and I haven’t seen u a long time

      1. Azariah Rowland

        Somebody come get him he’s name is William Afton somebody come get him he’s killing all the children

    100. Dwayne Stellick

      Drums u are just corn and cheesy