Making Her Commit Crime.


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    The drumsy gang plans a bank heist to break emi out of prison.
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    1. Lucas Abadie Capel

      Why wasn’t emi in the video

    2. Nate z Fredric

      Hay Australia is good

    3. foggaming

      i live in zim

    4. Harrison Mbugua

      You have tried to be family friendly but no,like what how are you so wow, i think in every single video you have made you have swore 🤬🤬🤬🤯🤯😒

    5. Gabe Dannewitz

      I got an ad that a guy was playing helix jump and the actual ad was about some other app great marketing

      1. Gabe Dannewitz

        And the guy literally said nothing about the actual app but he’s just like make sure you download helix jump

    6. Deanlol1968

      Did Peach call Moxi babe? or Bae? Or am I just imagining things?

    7. shyguy_gamer

      the 412 people who did not like the video me : Drumsy i am about to cause crime.

    8. DookySupreme 522

      I can see the fbi just busting to the room while there recording

    9. Tiny Tubes

      when I look at peach all I see is Kaitlyn from the flash

    10. That1insomniac

      Wendys workers watching this be like:

    11. Ghost_Gaming_YT

      Who what's to rob this bank using their plan

    12. VOP LegoChef9

      6:47 my irl name is Frank lol

    13. staRboy

      payday2 if it was on happy powder for 10 years

    14. Linda Ferrer

      That's frag a offline game and online

    15. Jeffthecrazypatato

      He got a republic commando boss outfit too

    16. Jeffthecrazypatato

      Woah moxi got a Star Wars republic commando z-11x Bootiful

    17. collin Hunter

      Am I the only one that thinks peach is cute 😂

    18. Michael Gousteri


    19. AdisorngamerYT

      Theyre just talking about the plan thats it never save emi now lol

    20. Beetroot and strawberry soup


    21. FrankGameplayz

      Funny my name IS Frank

    22. CJ Jai

      Not me asking in my head: wut tf is wrong with drumsy-

    23. Guest P

      Can you all be more Family frendly plz im 8

    24. Lewis Holmes

      Why don’t you just say you are going to kill the cat if they don’t hand them 1,000,000,000

    25. Jayden Collado

      peach can keep emi company =D

    26. gamer plays

      is emi acually in jail

    27. favijvm

      It a winet 9:17 hahahah

    28. Alexis Beever

      if drumsy lives in woodstock mi then that means i live extremely close to him O-O

    29. Aesthetic_Rei

      I feel like NLname saw this title and was about to demonitize drumsy-

    30. president of gaming

      Wait is emi actually in jail?

    31. Pancake Popcorn

      The line that got me was *The security guard was my fatherrrr...????*

    32. Failynn black

      I love Moxi's 'eyebrow' raise at the 'There's one fatal flaw'

    33. Frogé

      Drumsy: “F%@k, there is one flaw in our plan..” Moxi: “Only one?!”

    34. Aiden Gomez

      Thanks for teaching me how to rob a bank

    35. Joshua Askew

      why is poor poor drumsy hair grey ?

    36. John Thongthepsomphou

      Oh ####

    37. John Balukonis jr.

      How do I get the stuff in frag thats my only question?

    38. cookie cutter fan

      Do you guys live in cape town? Beacuz I live in cape town

    39. Alakazor

      If they were fruits they would be: Drumsy :banana Moxi:plum Peach: well, peach

    40. F.B.I agent ack


    41. Ghost

      NO we finally have a gun

    42. Lime

      Drumsy is 25 but looks 40. Not in a bad way, kinda like a dilf.

    43. SOME GUY

      funny war crime

    44. The word’s idiocy

      I just want to say a vestibule is like a hall or lobby next to the outer door of a building-

    45. MV Daily

      Daddy drumsy

    46. Untitled1642

      Frag pro shooter is literally a trash version of overwatch😂😂

    47. Jasmine Shelton


    48. Katrine Morales

      Is it free

    49. CoolbonnieXD

      Little did they know that moxis blaster also functions as a grenade launcher

    50. Liam Hegwood

      the Australian shepherd that was drawn looks nothin like my pet Australian shepard

    51. supreme kid

      every episode does peach have a new bodie pillow

    52. ZeushlarKingOfTemplaria

      wait yo, drumsys in michigan, so am i, I can be your inside man for arbys, i worked at one, i know the ins and outs, lets go!

    53. Shooting Star

      A vestibule is that area when there are 2 sets of doors to enter a building. Most businesses have them.

    54. DitchedAstronaut

      Drumsy's FBI Agent Be Like: What The Actual Hell Did He Say?

    55. RONNIN

      Join drumsy discord server it's fun and you can meet new people and they are very nice

    56. Chizzle420Gamimg

      wait i havent seen emi for a while is she actually in jail

    57. Chillycloud67

      Hey did anyone else catch the joke urine luck. And did Drumsy unintentionally say that when talking about pee or not 🤔

    58. Ishan Kid


    59. Re P

      I hate that word when you say toes

    60. gigi_numb23

      "theres another FUCKING VESTIBULE!" me intensely googles: oh its an entrance-

    61. Iceblade

      Drumsticks is (short). Smoke

    62. Keiro Loo

      I have frag I'm level 64 XD

    63. pump the pumpkin

      2:09 looks like a groin

    64. Twitter famous penguin yt

      Glock 19

    65. Jam Sch

      Them explaining how they are going to rob a bank the fbi taking notes

    66. The Kennedy Girl

      I’m a simp

    67. Memey Genny

      P.U.W Prisoner Uf War.

    68. Jazzlyn Fuller

      Tell Pizza I want you be a friend well to start no one else I see you don't need my one and only Frozen Roblox fan 😊

    69. hi

      Is this real or a joke

    70. jsadowski34


    71. Caleb Hunter Tube

      youtuber robs bank

    72. Golldii

      Your under arrest

    73. Hayden Tashian

      I love how he hearted Peaches comment and not EmiOk's

    74. Charlie Juarez

      What about the get a way driver

    75. Revy 6ix

      *Drumsy kicks door open for his intro* Me:” Drumsy you simp I didnt lock the door and you caught me waiting for you to start your video for me” ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

      1. Revy 6ix

        Drumsy at the door 0:04

    76. Boyumba__ GachaStuff

      Mei is the way tto vviews

    77. Manni Legends

      Arc on is totally not Stolen from StarCraft...

    78. Cyka Kto

      At this point I would not be surprised if they actually robbed a bank and used this as an alibi

    79. baby fox two

      Lol 😂 he robbin Fort Knox

    80. Visible Feather

      2:21 did someone see something sus?? 🤔🤨

    81. Small Cthulhu

      Gun? What’s that all i know is sleep pew pewer


      your my little pogchamp and i just have 84$ and how old emi or is it like the said resricted hmm :[

    83. codster 2100

      Drumsy is that kinda of guy that can’t be scary 😂 ♥️

    84. magong

      I have cat hurt my feelings her name is bonnina

    85. RedNinjaGaming channel

      Peach is so pretty

    86. Halo FNM

      This sounds like it’s from gta 5

    87. alexdaniel

      To good robber ngl

    88. Talex Simms

      "There's one fatal flaw with our plan!" Moxi - 'one?!"

    89. Lazy Cat

      I'm calling the po po right now even though its been 1 month

    90. Please help UwU

      Make that super soaker filled with cat piss, then sell them to kids

    91. Rõšĕânn Joseph

      10:22 Drumsy: thanks for being apart of the bank heist team. Me: WAIT WHAT!? FBI: FBI OPEN UP!

    92. Arf Trooper


    93. Why am I here?

      2:25 peni-

    94. Vanny_playz;-; Teehee


    95. Jakub Szymanski

      Frigin vestibules

    96. KornKobb

      9:16 that’s my boy!

    97. Noah Lundy

      I SUBBED

    98. Sabrina Raleigh OwO

      A vestibule is a chamber or channel opening into another. I did not look this up and copy and paste why are you accusing me what google search? I did nothing wrong dont look at me look at peach I DID NOTHING WRONG-


      if a cop saw this