Invading The Furry Community.


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    The gang infiltrates VRChat furry groups.
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    1. Drumsy

      We are all furries on the inside. Sincerely, A fan of lola rabbit from space jam

      1. ggGuy



        how about no

      3. Nelly Rubalcaba


      4. Nelly Rubalcaba


      5. Raylen Manning

        We all also started as females.

    2. Muhammad Hazim

      Welp... One question... Is this normal in this channel?

    3. Robinpula[GD]

      666 k views

    4. Amberlight

      I am so glad the end offered some honesty on the community, it’s a great way to end the video. Enjoyed it, as a furry myself!

    5. gibidoune

      I'm a good boy

    6. Retard

      Excuse me by what is a furry. I’m just a retarded clown that feels nothing but pain

    7. • BrutalXp •

      I didn’t know what zoophilia is so I searched it up... I regret searching it up is it even legal cause it shouldn’t be

    8. Nicolaus Bennington

      I wish anime dies

    9. wolfe halox

      actually alot of he furry comunity are under the age of 13 0_0 and there are very few people in the comunity that make it sexual, thats the bad part of the comunity. every comunity has a bad part to it.

    10. Shino

      as a furry i can confirm you all act like *hardcore* furries lol

    11. masis arsu

      0:38 i have bad feeling aboubt that bunny

    12. Idky

      This is why I always keep my six-shooter revolver and crowbar when I go to VRChat... Always be prepaired kids...

    13. Pato

      Me: **shoots a furry** The community: can you stop? Me: ILL FUCKING DO IT AGAIN 🦊 🔫🙂

    14. GrauchGaming

      Bad news: I have VR now...

    15. Everett Mclaughlin

      Dear Drumsy, BESTIALITY IS A SIN

    16. CFG 3

      4:35 how about the final evolution of gible?


      That picture was horrible

    18. E

      You've sind one of the Werst sins

    19. angela arbuckle


    20. lolbit's flipflop

      I feel exposed

    21. John Konrad


    22. ꧁The Mandalorian Ranger꧂

      *My cousin is the Furry Slayer.* *He’s basically doomguy, but killing furries.*

    23. LGBTQ community

      (Radios LGBTQ command) furry comand was infertraided get or troops on standby

    24. ZARROW

      This is pretty funny because sometimes you find bliss in ignorance also betas in the comments lol

    25. Craig champion

      that picture was umm scary..

    26. Tiaan

      This was surprisingly wholesome and inclusive

    27. Jeffthecrazypatato

      7:44 if your a Star Wars fan like me this would be more than cool

    28. Ryan MacLean

      You say your the first but I’m pretty sure the boys beat you to it

    29. Michael McDonald

      You say that and all I think is "hu neet" because I am a furry

    30. Privado 513_2

      I don't hate the furrys But this is video it's lol

    31. mintly fluuf boi

      I once made a group thing for minecraft where furries are exepted and someone joined and siad you f### dogs i luaghed and banned him

    32. Spark Lucky

      Time to pop some people wahahaha

    33. Frostull OG

      This was painful to watch

    34. Masked Axer

      Do NOT look at peach’s Twitter, to many butt pics.

    35. PhoenixDaBeast1

      The pathfinder in the back at 5:30

    36. 08 games


    37. Carolina 911

      No this can't be true I don't have a little furry in me Remembers that we evolved from animals😶😳😦

    38. ツρꫀꪖᥴꫝヅ


    39. Ryder Martin


    40. BlueFlame Backup


    41. OracleScrolls

      3:57 Holy shit that looked like a fucking official animation!

    42. Alexander Bounds

      As a furry it is funny to see this


      The spy has already breached our defenses, you see what he has done to our colleagues, And worst of all it could be anyone of us it could be in this very room it could be you it could be me

    44. Hydrocore 21


    45. Keagan Jones

      ya furry video

    46. Vax

      "All dogs go to heaven"

    47. StormySky48

      2:03 that dirty $lut into watersports n bea$tiaIity... Kinky😈

    48. StormySky48

      2:03 that dirty $lut into watersports n bea$tiaIity... Kinky😈

    49. WellBeSerious12

      They must've had a ruff time barking up the wrong territory.

    50. Finnchester Da superior

      What have they done to that clone trooper

    51. Alarcon Lucas

      Time for a crusade drumsy

    52. Jeegotgames


    53. yuhero 8

      Oh NoT TEh wIeRd FUry's

    54. Skyrealm

      Didnt joshdub do this?

    55. lydia Wartel

      First second when I first saw this title is like I don't bully us I like crafts so that's why I am in da comity

    56. Furry boi

      Wait I’m a furry-

    57. Novey Ovey

      You guys met the voice actor for Hiyda and didn't even know.

    58. TheBurgess Boy

      Plus tell me how to become a furry in VR CHAT and I can invade them like you so I know how to do what you do because I want to be your guy’s new friend

    59. TheBurgess Boy

      I love your channel it’s awesome ps I’m a new fan of yours , plus peaches is the best and you are to drumsy

    60. zach thomas

      That one is really fucking hard to not think of

    61. Moto Whellie

      GOD DAMMIT NOT AGAIN I already have ptsd from the furry war....

    62. gavinsolligaming

      Unofficial Randy butternips merch

    63. ashley adams

      Well I am either in denial or lying

    64. onion

      I hate all of this but I can't stop watching

    65. Unknownium

      if the majority has a little furry in them/ is a furry, then that explains the reason why I keep getting made fun of not liking lola rabbit... *realizing my life is a lie*

    66. ShadowMaster Does YouTube

      Yooooo its randyyy

    67. Xeb 2011

      I agree with peach on the kick

    68. Evolving Pokémon

      I m A F u r r y

    69. Alana Yaw

      King dong

    70. Hungry Panda

      30Likes for this comment and drumsy will infultrate the furry community with a bunch of people

    71. Ollie Carroll

      Pathider just killing furrys

    72. Scp Studier

      Dear drums, I am willing to be in a video with you, if you let me, we can purge anime,furrys, and hentai. I want to form an alliance. Sincerely, W. Bonnie Fazbear.

    73. Wyatt Davis

      Peach is furry confirmed


      im a furry i can unsubscribe

    75. Joshua Squire

      You fell for the Trap you should have killed every last one of them

    76. Jesse Simbrow-Page

      I hate ferries kill them

    77. Draco the Enderwolf

      Yes, one problem, I'm a furry ,and a fan

    78. Dan Xuereb

      Yes gavidor

    79. Get Noob

      drumsy be like: ''colonel barker barker what say you''

    80. Tug James

      This video is kinda sus

    81. coreen forbes watson

      How are they picking them up-

    82. Gacha Cat

      Oh no-

    83. Project Fallout

      I’m sorry but I saw an anime with a cut little furry and I just snapped

      1. Project Fallout

        Death to non furrys

    84. Hi last name

      0:37 thats the most hideous looking fursuit to ever exist

    85. everywhere

      I am everywherE.

    86. freedomdst

      so this guy got a channel where his friends do all the work for him? not even his skin is any fun. Videos are fun in general tho

      1. i cant get a unique name, thats big sad

        He's the cameraman.

    87. •Xx_Nøva_xX•

      2:30 THAT PUC THO WHY 😭😭😭😭

    88. alpha shadow


    89. Goodie Fox

      me 1 year ago:bruh i hate drumsy now. also me:UR A FURRY HAHAHA PFFT HAHA AAA

    90. Dodo Eating pizza

      “Grab your gear today we are going to become a furry” Me: *you fool, I’m 12 steps ahead of you*

    91. emi ime

      I am a furry ! F**** YOU!!! I KNOW THE TRUTH!

    92. Nightfox1090

      I could not stop laughing

    93. CompulantGaming

      I feel like people are furries because they have litterally fucking nothing better to do in their life

    94. Space Mythic

      yeah you freaking greasy weazle

    95. Lilac LeafXD

      I is furry

    96. onsight2.0YT

      The furry fans watching: ono

    97. Just_A_Guy9000

      3:42 I'm a simp

    98. Mangos :D

      Imagine being a furry couldn’t be me👉👈

    99. i wanna go BANG!

      OH NO, he is infected with SCP-3312

    100. Dino nugget UwUz

      Me already being a furry