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    1. Ian's World official

      I love moon

    2. Dry Bones

      Moon: what’s up Drums: *commits tea kettle*

    3. John Stead Jr

      I hope one day I get to meet drumsy

    4. Luv Cilpx


    5. DreadSh0ck

      he actualy only took 35 seconds on the sponsor

    6. Big Ripper

      5:03 We not gonna talk about that???

    7. c'jay may

      emi is cute irl and in vr

    8. Matthew Wormald

      Why always in the start he rymhyes


      he should be more in your videos HE IS GREAT AND HALARIOUS

    10. Brett Burns

      Is it for tablets 2

    11. Brett Burns

      What is wrong with that PT little looking guy Hi weird

    12. Brett Burns

      No no no no no no no

    13. Cococop Gaming

      Emi is the mostly the person who gave you fame I think

    14. hecticmean 1961

      yeet no

    15. Jackseptiky fan Warner

      Me me me me me

    16. Shadow King

      Drumsy, what. Have. You. Done.... Keep it up. :D

    17. Lenny Summers

      "Giving Her My Channel" *sniff!* is that... *SNIFF SNIFF!* is that, *A SIMP I SMELL??*

    18. N1ma1

      I want more Moon guy

    19. Travis Goers

      Moon :o

    20. Big Boy Pants

      when i see ET when i hover over the video i know its gonna be good

    21. Jonathan oof

      Asin guy moon has a channel it is in the dissection

    22. cirno fumo


    23. Kaeson Playz

      I regret clicking this video

    24. namae senedo

      i tehe u

    25. Tim Twigg

      1:33 silence pnis my video


      hll no

    27. Blast x master

      this is k-pog

    28. Blast x master


    29. liaartz

      First beepu's in a video and now moon?! This is the best day of my life!

    30. C L

      Hey im doctor Colin too (nice to see that you didnt mispelled it)

      1. CHARLIGHT CONFIRMED light read da Bible

        I'm stupid just delete my comment drumsy

      2. CHARLIGHT CONFIRMED light read da Bible

        Crap i comment i thought if I changed my profile and name it would look like someone else shit

    31. Kylo Ren


    32. jems mips

      emi is machi and peach is probably suzu illy is mei-mei i would say korean guy moon is ikuto but i also think moxi is ikuto

    33. MegaPonyTron93

      I love Moon's derp face so much 🤣

    34. ink bendy


    35. Vic Just Vic

      7:30 Cell To Singularity?

    36. Kim Wilson

      Did you just me grey moon ama

    37. wolfkiruto3.0

      GREATMOONAROMA wont reply to this comment if he does do not chose me

    38. wolfkiruto3.0

      CHOOSE ME!I DO RETRO things to be honest i love retro and vintage PLEASE CHOOSA ME!

    39. Brody Goose

      tell Emi wee wee bonjour

    40. KawaiiBoyPro YT


    41. RapidRage Kade

      "I'm on a new level of BTD soooo..." *Steps away slowly*

    42. Gloria Tomaganuk

      Emissions so hat

    43. Ryan

      Great moon aroma

    44. VibezX

      Im subscribed, I’m telling you the video I would make the video SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much fun. 😉



    46. skyripper ok

      Drumsy: 5:04 Me:excuse me jack WHAT cream EXCUSE ME

    47. The Boom

      If I had your channel I would make all kinds of jokes while bringing it back to the news style interviews.

    48. liam poog


    49. GraceTheIdiot


    50. Milo & Milkyway


    51. bloody moon


    52. Ethra.

      do more vids with the doom guy i mean moon guy

    53. Indivisual

      Emi and moon are perfect for eachother lol

    54. Kuruma San


    55. Lavvy


    56. Sleepy Sheep

      Me when its time for school: 5:13

    57. Xmas_Zenkai

      Nahhhhhh she playing btd6

    58. Jeriyah Daniel

      Moons here yes

    59. Ryder Batalla

      everybody makes fun of me

    60. Ryder Batalla

      My VR chat at life is horrible

    61. Tari8 Glitch

      I subscribed and liked

    62. RidaKkeutt

      THIS just THIS is the video that made me wheeze so mfing hard- HAHAHHA Korean guy moon lmfao im ded 😂😂

    63. G.G. Rose

      i wanna do it but i have nothing

    64. beowulf

      She laugh like a child yet she older than me (o3o)

    65. Frost

      I WAS THE 47,000 Like. I SAW IT TURN

    66. skatingskelly

      shut thyne mouth

    67. SquidPaint

      We need moon and illy to meet each other

    68. andres varela


    69. K Lul

      Ur a simp from bla bla bla Ur a simp from bla bla bla

    70. maka boy3000

      Oh god no

    71. Duncer

      The ending where moon says "im illy" was so funni

    72. mush man


    73. Wolfixity

      U wa kore o kanzen ni kōkai shimasu

    74. chancla boy

      Gimme yur chanell broah

    75. itstooblue

      The whole vid was cringe

    76. JOJO comic dub

      Not gonna lie this was a really fun collab with moon please do more with moon

    77. ApolloBound

      Gimme that channel, I wanna meet Illy.

    78. Drâgøn

      0:00 is this moon?

    79. Rosa Cabrera

      I love the Mario part when he fell

    80. AngelEben -

      at 7:06 is a dog farting but she just changed it to her channel idk.

    81. Hunter Fisk

      35 secs for the sponser

    82. xXNostalgiAXx


    83. Ashplayz Games

      I love how the video currently has 666666 views

    84. Cats And more

      views: *666K*

    85. Kabookie

      666k views this is cursed

    86. Noah Witty

      Imagine if the whole thing was just a pegging session. Lol

    87. misty 738

      Nice vid

    88. Llen_Lol Hehe

      Ayo drumsy I’d do amazing with ur acc nothing will happen I promise 😃

    89. Torspawn

      hmmmmmm.... Bad Drumsy you gave it to emi if she gets it again this channel will be hell...

    90. Scp 049

      why did u give her a key and not a trash can (just a joke) XD

    91. Kombucha Mushroom Person

      I just want Emi to read to me at night that’s all I can ask for

    92. troy van duijn


    93. Brando Lando

      I ship emi and drumsy

    94. Lewd Icy

      The sponsor game has the lowest reviews and I tried it but it’s not worth the play time

    95. Im a weeb I love anime


    96. Im a weeb I love anime

      Lol the thumby

    97. Rhydian van der Kroft


    98. RFLBeastboi RFL Clan

      Tfffffff 5:05

    99. Felipe Shorts