Funniest 2021 Moments You Almost Forgot.


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    The best Drumsy gang clips up until now for 2021.
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    1. Cookie Misty

      "is that foreshadowing" Me: Thanks Moxi for teaching me Language Arts

    2. leisleemendoza


    3. SpacyChipmunk82

      Anybody else watching this in 1800

    4. mega me I am all mega

      kiri that wasnt very manly of you

    5. Alexis apple juice gaming

      Why is Peach dressed up as Megumin?🤔🤔

    6. Dawsonboi 2355

      the last one was the funniest Drumsy season 2

    7. Gengiblue 15

      Drums looks like a school picked him up of the streets with a bag of meth in hand and then forced him to be a history teacher

    8. Aisling Galindo

      I actually eat those grasshoppers

    9. Your local fungus

      1:59 I’m like boiiii

    10. Piscesedits

      Omg emi is really funny

    11. • Kidc0re miku •

      Friends: go in a circle around me Me: I’m in danger- Pog 🤪

    12. Johann P Rivera


    13. Aiden Gonzalez

      my favorite charecters are emi and illy

    14. gaijinPH

      5:37 Why is all this that a Sari-sari store? And that beer is some strong stuff...we drink that if we want to get drunk in a hurry...aside chugging down vodka or gasoline. Goes well with Boy Bawang XD

    15. Bashir Moalin

      Scottish girl can i go to the bathroom naruto man teacher i dUnNo cAn yOu

    16. Minecraft Plays

      I’m Scottish and that was the best Scottish rage I ever saw

    17. Rocky The Rock

      2:46 Omega Scottish girl powers activate

    18. SuperMariomegafanbade 64

      So this is why Australia was removed from earth 2.0

    19. Heather Debaca

      I like the guy that says if you look down here you know why they call me the beast titan

    20. Cory Lee

      Illy completes the gang

    21. Lauch LP

      I love emi

    22. debbiedo72

      2:36 what video is that

    23. Paradoxed_Boi99

      Anyone notice natas is satan backwards?

    24. itshighbluesky

      Xd when i was 6 i was climing over a half brock brick fence and my dad threw a brick over it

    25. Evie Longley

      2:15 what vid is this? O-O

    26. Phineas Gomez

      I love your content so much I haven’t forgotten any of these clips

    27. Jeffthecrazypatato

      Best moments ever

    28. Psycho Wolf gamer

      I’ve learned something from drumsys videos, to not eat or drink when watching them 😂🥛🍪

    29. ツMaripon

      1:46 What is this character??

    30. Kyle Buck

      Are you the guy who used to do auto tune on bo2?

    31. Ramleigh Von Rizon

      6:59 the flag :o

    32. jean danielle

      Hello thank you for making me happy yesterday because i was very sick and you made me laugh

    33. BadBoi Fishy

      Yes natas is in danger

    34. Rai Rai

      illy is the best part of 2021

    35. Enter first tame

      Bruh tarantula hawks aren’t scary I was in a camp with like 15 it was so cool to see one bring a tarantula to their hole.

    36. Sebastian Phipps

      #Minecraft NLnamers

    37. Nezuko Chan

      Who is the Scottish girl she is my fav (idk her name)

    38. 私は女の子にキスをしました、そして私はそれが好きでした


    39. 私は女の子にキスをしました、そして私はそれが好きでした

      when you have watched all the videos on there and it never gets boring 😎💅

    40. Marco Arts

      6:56 philippine scenery in VRchat

    41. Plagalurks

      What video is this called 2:37

      1. debbiedo72

        scottish girl ruins 2021

    42. Darth

      Wait a minute, is vezzypoo in this

    43. jame8881 jame8881

      2:37 what is that from? It’s funny

    44. etha6520 etha6520

      Can I add you in vrchat please

    45. Your sus if your Reading this

      *what is this video*

    46. Shanna Flowers

      Molly seas your shamal is horadla

    47. lolgamer224


    48. Gabriel Vili

      time stamps

    49. TheNerdToKnow

      Man you seem like a cool guy but I was playing a game and some kid threatened me and said you were his brother so now it’s just hard to watch your stuff

    50. JuanCarlos Bravo

      Who would Drumsy simp for? Peach, Emi, Illy, Or Moxi. The answer might not surprise you. Himself. Drumsy simps himself. All night if he has to.

    51. Clair Wendland

      I found you and on tik Tok and followed

    52. Rebecca Cortina

      The deck go in there I would never believe in that room

    53. Rinkey Dinkey

      my mum's side of my family is from Glasgow and they are exactly like Illy, my grans scary as fuck when she wants to be though

    54. BullakaBOOM Gaming

      Ayyy kangaroozila my boy how have you been Him: FUCK OFF DAD

    55. Chaos von Melone

      Who else always hears Scotland the brave when illy is talking?

    56. Dony Marzuki

      I'm a SIMP, a Super Intense Minecraft Player

    57. ToxicTragedyx


    58. A Rat

      1:55 And thats why we have the swear jar

    59. Tara Stock

      I’m Scottish

    60. Yohsuke Hirabayashi

      I lova yall i can’t pick a favorite 🥺

    61. Alex Przytula

      the armored Titan

    62. GamingGod Dieck

      Me in my head: (Is drumsy milking content out of them like a drunk bf and gf taking it too far?)

    63. Bells World

      I, taking a shit irl lol

    64. Bells World

      I like ice

    65. alpha direwolf

      I'm part Scottish

    66. Alan Ng

      Scottish girl vs Emi plsssssssss It will be an epic battle.

    67. Scrailer

      11:31 drumsy looks like a elis kidnapper

    68. Jumbotron VR

      8:40 so am I the only one who realized the buttpl0g in emis bg

    69. Morrosis

      2021 was kinda short

    70. Yin Wan

      2021DADDY 😁🥰

    71. Levi Ackerman

      1:21 tell me the video name pls

    72. Drag Bone

      19:13Hey that my shirt in the roblox

    73. Warren G

      Using movie scrips

    74. Chan Lui


    75. IDontMiss

      These are the reasons why i pay for the internet

    76. Christopher Banos

      What software do they use to records these videos? It doesn't seem to be vrchat

    77. Clarkdave Carreon

      I think red horse is made in Phillippines, not sure tho

    78. GMRGOD

      Natas backwards is satan

    79. Kuper Brink

      Jiggle physics.

    80. Aiden M Ringdal-Frugaard


    81. Jayden Thompson

      Drumsy Is one of the best NLnamers ever honestly man ur doing great keep up the good work

    82. Hannah Ditcharo

      i simp EMI goddamit

    83. Still_ Jimmy

      this video got a D on osu

    84. axel lama

      I think i Saw eddie

    85. Get rekt89

      Mr Lester the first name mo

    86. sprouttt

      What was the outro song?

    87. zorua

      Me: I see snorlax!!!!

    88. 造Kanji

      2:30 E...e.EXPLOSION

    89. Raven Harris

      Just wanna Mary illy

    90. itsplum

      I’m an Irish girl oop

    91. joseynjenny

      That’s poggers

    92. Fred_XxGamer

      I watched this while taking a shit. That, thats it.

    93. Declan Kuiper

      am i the only one who is not atracted to peach?

    94. Henry Babcock

      Ok I laughed

    95. JOSHUA LEE Briden

      On the can you make my dad call me back thing when he said some things are too far gone that hit on a personal level because my dad left me as a child

    96. Freya Walker

      never forget scottish girl illy

    97. Sunflower Bear7107

      You can tell when Emi dressed up as a reindeer, she was done with everyone’s bullsh*t

    98. Aidymar Bigio

      hey look guys, its penguinz0

    99. Young Jay

      This is funny but it’s kind of the same thing Duke was the only one who got covered by close like a few other ones but Duke didn’t get covered by clothes Bobrick you just tiny newborn we got covered by close but it’s so close like hitting a brick wall crazy night boy he’s smart pretty he’s so smart he knew his mother leave you know when they wake up in the world are mother