Come Into My Special Place.


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    1. Drumsyland


      1. Absolut Lion


      2. demon queen

        @Hungry Panda ikr

      3. Hungry Panda

        i cant help the fact that drumsy liked drumsyland after a comment saying nice

      4. demon queen

        @EpicSuperCyborg it's a expression of happymess

      5. xXTricky BossXx

        Daaaamn. Your high rn

    2. Sparkle UnicornXx123


    3. Dr. Zulfiqur Ali

      What's so special about Scottish

    4. salty

      ill cu- come into your special place 😀

    5. IAmAGamer

      Are u Jewish

    6. Silver Shy

      I'm trying to find the original version of this if it still exists...

    7. Apple Go Brrr

      When the pizza delivery guy knocks at your door: 0:21

    8. Meow Meow

      "I'm high AF rn- but that don't make the magic any less real" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    9. Fred bearbro78 ,


    10. Anakain Skywalker


    11. i am rage gamer

      Where's the hi little mushroom man

    12. Paradoxed_Boi99

      0:45 oh dang, churros!?!? I gotta have me one.

    13. Abdul-Malik ADIL

      I hate you capitalist man I’m a soviet kid my people will Ruin your videos that a threat drumsy!I’m always watching you🙂hehe

    14. jack yolo

      Why did this give off Brandon Rogers vibes 😂😂

    15. Mr. Burning Skull

      drumsyland always love my ice cream with cocaine in it

    16. Jataro Kemuri

      Illy is a mood

    17. Jenson Randall

      Idk man , if I stay too long I’d probably break down and cry

    18. ꧁Willow꧂


    19. Blessed_ Fries

      The title sounds creepy

    20. Astan


    21. Blixtdraken 2

      "DrumsyLand" makes me thing "Shity DisneyLand"

    22. lil sheepy

      I’m high as FUCK rn😂😂

    23. SCOTT SABO

      a yo having a bbq haahahahahahahaah i just cant stop its to funny (OwO)

    24. Skid

      I’m probably a kid :D

    25. J.c.

      Drumsy sounds like the gwizard

    26. Speedrunner 7274

      I just got an oculus and I want to meet you

    27. NeCROWmancer

      I actually just got recommended a Drumsyland video and through it was like a fan made clip channel like you often see for V-tubers. Didn’t know it was actually a proper branch of ‘DrumsyCo. Ltd. C. Fkd. .jp’ until I got to this on my catch up demi-binge.

    28. Simon Vest

      drumsy are you gay?

    29. Enr0's Personal Acct

      Bruh, just TODAY I was thinking, "Huh. I really want more Drumsy content but can't be bother to use Twitch." And BAM! I got hit by a car. And subbed to ur new channel. Not necessarily in that order.

    30. Very Salty Squid

      What color of spray paint do you sniff


      omg i love illy's reaction 😹😹😹😹😹😹😹

    32. Elias Lang

      this sounds like im gonna get kidnapped

    33. black knight

      Wtf is this

    34. Mary Ann Macias

      I love his voice

    35. Juan Ignacio Agüero

      the artwork for the banner is fantastic

    36. 錒麥

      I hope your video has a Chinese translation Because I’m Taiwanese and I’m not good at English. Having Chinese subtitles will make it easy for me to understand the content when watching your video.

    37. Fuzzy

      Drumsy is dead nooooooooo this video is his last

    38. xd_homiebro

      i don't know if i'm spelling her name right but emmi is best!!

      1. xd_homiebro

        pls funny

      2. xd_homiebro

        take her to drumsy land

    39. Zeke Carey

      Is this seriously just advertising.

    40. Thoat Nyak


    41. Superbro

      where is natas

    42. DigitalLamb

      come into his special place.

    43. Gavin Booker

      I subscribed B)

    44. Paul Lodridge

      I miss the autotune cod videos man

    45. Jay Holley

      Haven’t watched since the GotDrums days. Content is still just as funny

    46. Danteedud Roblox

      Drumsy's 2 special places: 1) Drumsy Land! 2) The super stellar funtime cellular.

    47. Declan Riepe

      In fortnite they made an emote of emi’s song with the chicken wing chicken wing hotdog and beloni song

    48. Kolten Amerman

      Can I play some vr with you please I’m a huge friend

    49. Demond_ Dragon


    50. Demond_ Dragon

      Drumsy I belive you r in your 20s and you are not an old man I feel like you needed that.

    51. Kakashi Hatake

      Hey ummm emi has her own emote chicken wing it when emi says chicken chicken wing chilling with my homies

    52. Sniperking Alex

      Did you see that you Made it into Fortnite ?

    53. Hylactic

      Drums are you still alive or is the person we are watching a robot?

    54. Cat Man

      Drumsy you sad you face sad:(

    55. snug furball

      And you make really good content

    56. snug furball

      Stayed up until one in the morning watching your videos

    57. Kenzie Eckstrom

      Woah... He said a no no word..-

    58. Dredgens Shadow

      Anyone else want a full compilation of just illy being adorable

    59. Wholesome Lammy

      Can I go to DrumsyLand- *It sounds much more exciting than DisneyLand honestly*

    60. Tanner Thacker

      I got you

    61. Angel Gutierrez


    62. GobThePenguin

      I got banned from the discord because someone had a bad computer

    63. Anita Sutton

      And I've been spending my money on disney land

    64. Da_wolfy plazz Channel

      I’m a real one

    65. Katrine Morales

      And I added chicken wing chicken wing hot dog and bologna chicken and macaroni chilling with my Homies is a song in Fortnite

    66. The Astrotron

      Yo drumsy are you getting money from epic or did some random girl getting all the credit?

    67. // Lewis LAB //


    68. nwg

      Drumsyland is just going to be twitch highlights and then this channel will go inactive


      nobody: Me getting the Notification four days later: 😀 wtf NLname

    70. tim bozue

      Bring natas back

    71. Andis Kalaj

      you are my favorite youtuber

    72. Epic email name

      someone needs to make a comp of how many times drumsy simps for Scottish girl

    73. Fox1257

      I got over saying no no words but then u broke me

    74. James Wagoner

      0:20 :O

    75. Swaxdragoon

      "Drumsyland" - seems like good sticker on the creepy old white van

    76. Miles Goins


    77. Турчин Олександр

      today drumsy will make a new video...

    78. Thunder Stride 1 Gaming

      Honestly, i subscribed after drumsyland had it's original commercial come out. I love the content on there.

    79. Bob Bob

      Drumsy. That odd but funny uncle, I'd happily leave my kids with.

    80. Shadowblade James


    81. Dakoda Branson

      JK JK

    82. Dakoda Branson

      Waddup Drums take me captive NOW!

    83. Stonegem

      Drumsy is probably high when he recorders so that why the content is bad

    84. Dora is Zsiding

      Yay welcome to drumsyland~ I'm comin to magic world rn!!!! Woooooo..

    85. Him Hamoosh

      Wen megic

    86. Mistercat

      I gtg

    87. WolfiAR

      Every single video of Drumsy that I have watched has made me laugh

    88. Strawberryxmilkshake


    89. The Random Girl Named Plaalt

      RTGame got nothing on this

    90. Grayson Curry


    91. ItzWhiteCatz


    92. Chamo52

      You'd have to be high as f#ck to work at drumsy land

    93. Abdullatif Alduhaim

      how about you do a house tour

    94. sammie

      Tell Illy I said hi

    95. Smoked Out Weeb

      Drumsy you at least gotta buy me dinner before I can do that

    96. Maria Lora

      What vr headset do you use drumsy?

    97. MrAlexboy10

      Title: Come into my special place Me: *ThAt'S wHaT sHe SaId*

    98. ZeikBoy

      That title sounds so wrong

    99. Akita :3

      Hi drumsy

    100. Feibee

      what's up with ur accent boi- that aint the drumsy i know