Best Moments of Emi


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    The funniest moments in VR of @EmiOk in 2020.
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    All videos in order:
    0:00 - She Joined The Mile High Club
    2:31 - She's In Love With An Alien
    3:04 - No Daddy Gang
    4:29 - Welcome to Simp Camp
    6:16 - Her Worst Experiment
    7:20 - She's Not Allowed To Swear
    8:22 - She Cancelled Camping
    10:30 - When your VR classmates are idiots
    11:07 - Child Exterminator
    12:15 - Dora Ruins Among Us VR
    13:13 - She Ruined Food Forever
    14:31 - Girls Only Sleepover
    15:33 - 3 Crewmates, 1 Imposter
    16:35 - A Child Ruins Among Us VR
    17:25 - She Ruined Halloween
    18:39 - A Night At Her Museum
    19:29 - She Cancelled Earth
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    1. Louise Dyson


    2. Heath Bone

      5:21 i am one of the smartest class mates in my class and i am very good at reading

    3. Dali Bogaert

      Im a simp for emi

    4. kaos Gaming

      Nice singing love scenario lol

    5. Dana Danina

      Imma simp for bla bla blaaaaaaaaaaa

    6. Caleb Goodwin

      It's 2021 it's not 20/20 who was the first president?

    7. lostspiral

      Your lucky that I suck at aiming

    8. lostspiral

      I will be throwing ninja stars the star will be NLname and the target will be drumsy’s monetizashin

    9. lostspiral

      That was drumsy’s only source of content

    10. lostspiral

      Damn it Malachich !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    11. Michael Afton


    12. Ksladex ios

      1:18 us Australians took that personally

    13. Gursimar Singh


    14. kitty gacha paws

      emis eye disappear alot XD

    15. Unwxnted_Child

      emi: now here is the big bushy tail. and here is the shit. me: laughs emi: the shit which is australia me: smashes computer screen

    16. Elsa Cloudstream

      Oh, I Love The Disrespect For Aussies. TaKe A BiG sHiT oN ME AnD dOgS arE mY fAvoUrItE AnImAl... 1:18

    17. SMmania123

      I refuse to believe Emi is anything but a Sims 4 NPC whose dialogue got translate to English via Google Docs.

    18. Emily Sanchez

      nonstop it to funny

    19. Darki_Inkli

      Best of Emi: Raging, Topic on simps, depressed, wants to be a burrito k-pop star, and likes being a pair of pants 👖 OH! And wants to know who was her real father wants to be a VR-Chat E-girl.

      1. Elsa Cloudstream


    20. 2E.Lewis2007

      -wheeze- Emi : -wheeze- tf you do thzt for Someone: loser -Me planingt to roast him and then murder him with emi-

      1. 2E.Lewis2007

        Sorry it couldnt be delivered

    21. Jackson Schnars

      i like your cut g

    22. Jackson Schnars

      stop the cap

    23. Brigid da panda


    24. cineural

      P E R F O R M A N C E

    25. Kokichi Oma

      NASA stands for Nobody and somebody asked

    26. Shoto Todoroki

      8:38 😂

    27. Jasmie_2

      Im A Simp Super Intense Minecraft Player

    28. George Linecar

      at 8:40 same

    29. ionuț Fabian

      2:11 thats look so wrong😶

    30. Bellfamily1987 Account

      2:36 lMaOoo

    31. Charlie Kenny

      I hate emi she ruined my hole 2020 🤬

    32. The Spauldings

      Pay Emmy already U-U

      1. The Spauldings


    33. Тимур Садриев

      Что с вами не так

    34. Тимур Садриев

      Yo people I from Russia wat tha fuck товарищи

    35. Kim Painter

      NASA stands for National Aeronautics of Space Administration

    36. Debbito Mobburī

      wait....if you ban starving, won't that promote cannibalism

    37. Redphantom7102

      I got so mad when she called a russian plane an F22

    38. Noble Dragon

      this is just sad

    39. bit&

      man, I wish *my* emotional baggage entertained millions of people

    40. Kids Family


    41. Aiden Panapasa

      I'f u have a boyfriend go to the shower with him

    42. cowspeed980

      i liked this vid until i heard her say "australia is s**t"

    43. SharkNix


    44. Jack H gang

      Simp is for super impressive Minecraft player

    45. DreadSh0ck

      wait was the bannana EddieVR

    46. OpenSauce

      6:59 almost choked at this 10/10

    47. ezrazz


    48. ezrazz

      amazing video :)

    49. TooSnowii

      “Babysitter, I don’t feel safe.” And I don’t like when you don’t hit that subscribe button more and you don’t see me crying. Lmao

    50. Joseph Patterson

      5:00 shes not wrong

    51. R3DDR4GON XD

      Wut im not a simp

    52. F7P_dinonuggies

      as an avgeek that was not an f-22 raptor

    53. Saz Kuvan


    54. • Emi A.S.D •

      Ummmm....... My name is Emi...... 🤔😐

    55. vFormm

      holy shit simps are better then man oh that a good speech holy shit😢😢 best speech damn



    57. Jerald Edrada

      Woah 0///0 I like what emi said

    58. mrpuggo

      "what does nasa stand for?" (Gets a ragnarok labyrinth rap as an ad) yeah what he said

    59. Logan Moore

      1:15 I’m in Australia , so, I guess I’m dog shit

    60. Lost Account

      I don't find any humor in this ༎ຶ‿༎ຶ

    61. SpeediePorge

      ur a simp for emi

    62. CM - 07CC 759981 Royal Orchard MS

      Wait I'm from Canada

    63. •X_KitKat Gaming_X•

      wait if boys go to jupiter to get more stupider then they know more bc they can oporat a rocket and know what to do in space-

    64. Veras

      I'm a simp for blablabla

    65. Silent

      I’m already questioning this channel

    66. シTubboシ

      _SIMP_ Tbh your VR avatar?- thing- is so cute- (im a girl im not simping lol i just love ur avtar thing)

    67. lilly wolf

      I'm a simp for blah blah blah

    68. press star channel

      And people who drank way too much maple syrup

    69. Blake11eleven11 Roblox

      U called my country sh** lol

    70. Dedoh ;o;

      This is why i dont visit America anymore.

    71. Zak Williams

      F-22 raptor 😒 It’s a SU-57

    72. Jeopardized 07

      I can fly faster in this f-22 raptor. Russians: who's gonna tell her

    73. Rick Sanchez

      5:08-5:13 LOL

    74. ShxversEntity

      My principal: So tell me what are your talents if you wanna enter the talent show Me: 3:13 Also principal: You can enter

    75. Rick Sanchez

      3:12 that had me dying laughing

    76. Tyoma4lyf10

      Boys don’t get stupider because stupider isn’t a word

    77. Tyoma4lyf10

      I was offended cause she said Australia was a sh*t and I live in Australia

    78. Zathen Sprowls

      Doesn’t know how to fly F22

    79. Anastasiya Krauchanka


    80. Wolfie doof Hargreeves

      Emi: south dakota Bread add: hi there lemmie show you some freaking bred from south dakota

    81. Xxgacha_ratxX

      did anyone notice that heylm bee was in this i think im not sure if it was her tho :)

      1. Xxgacha_ratxX


    82. weehickory595

      absolutley HALERIOS HAHAHHA SOOOO FUNNY i laughed pretty hard

    83. Sammie Prasour

      Bro I live I Australia and The earth is round!😡🇱🇷

    84. Iss Aurora Hehe

      This is the best misclick of my life. I've stared at this for five hours now

    85. Ethan Ko

      basically it is just a video of her ruining everything?

    86. Kylie Filmer

      Wow the disrespect we get in Australia oh god 🤣🤣😂😂 lol

    87. FP Studio

      And emi predicted covid no joke

    88. FP Studio


    89. Gacha_Rose58

      The tweet at 6:13 was posted on my birthday (26th of April)

    90. balentinmr

      emi:MCscuse meh?????????????? me: dying-

    91. Mile Price

      Dora ruins Among us VR had me DYING XDD

    92. Yasmin Wallace

      I live in Australia

    93. Ruben Stansfield

      Oil I Live in Australia

    94. Darramation 2008

      this is emi: she spent the entirety of 2020 ruining my life >:(

    95. Elias Qaisar


    96. Clarence Manabat

      Its 3:00 am idk what am i watching

    97. Amber Driscoll

      The lady pulled up her dress and I don’t know the rest Me: The lady pulled up her dress and she showed them her Ass

    98. Aaa

      2:10 ahegao

    99. XxDa_ BossxX

      1:18 tho I live in Australia so I am not shit

    100. Rumie

      I hate her....but I love her at the same time...