7 Minutes In Scottish Heaven.


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    Scottish girl Illy goes into a closet for 7 minutes with strangers.
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    1. Drumsy

      Head to keeps.com/drumsy to get 50% off your first order of hair loss treatment!

      1. Kuro No Ookami

        A problem sir ??

      2. Kuro No Ookami

        @Anime Gaming ??

      3. Anime Gaming


      4. Kuro No Ookami

        Hi I’m a french weeb from France, and i think that u have cool friends 😋😋

      5. cyrus roy g biv

        so your not going to go BALD

    2. Hydro Fox

      love the accent

    3. シTubboシ

      EHe eHe Ehe Ee Eeeh EEHhhHEeEe

    4. Dark reaper

      Me like eilly

    5. Tinnetale13


    6. notsoul

      I love content and I love booty

    7. notsoul

      How many times do I have to uhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    8. melchor aquino gasmen

      "nobody likes to f*ck more than an artoc duck" -DRUMSY

    9. Mantis The one

      I just had to shit so bad my stomach hurt

      1. Mantis The one

        Omg it stinks 💀💀

    10. TyTy

      3:18 she seems so worried for drumsy

    11. Josh Dalton

      i mean ille

    12. Josh Dalton

      when scotish girl ellie started wheezing it sounds like when im laughing

    13. sha'Nyah harris

      "I want to know u better than I know my mother" ''i never got to know my mother" "thahthjsyazh Ooo"

    14. Ernesto Cantore


    15. Crystal stitches

      She comes Out the closet" Me if I was there :SUPRIES!

      1. Crystal stitches

        The black outfit one*

    16. Crystal stitches

      I'm a lesbian so ya I'm just sayimg

    17. chanzsta202

      why did i have a asmia attack

    18. gaijinPH

      I always find the Scottish accent sexy XD

    19. Henry Rariden

      hi i rely like youre vityose

    20. Just Eli

      I really want to know how to do this because it seems to fun

    21. vChud _

      i miss being Scottish she's the best thank you for bringing back my memories BTW i never fell in love :]

    22. Andrew Pitters

      God this guy with the rhymes

    23. Abigail Divilio

      My NLname crashed as soon as you did that where’d noise

    24. BuzzerGaming6

      i expedted it all

    25. Bricker356

      I litterly got vr chat ad before watching this lol

    26. Crippling Depression

      I like emo girl wish we could've seen her again. I also miss E-boy with his handstand push ups and nonexistent personality.

    27. Chris The dude

      Alternative title how I became a pimp or how I met my first hoe

    28. Hytran

      i'm scottish and she sounds british af

    29. A bearded dragon named Steve

      I’m Scottish as well

    30. pawsryanTV

      That penguin is so creepy

    31. Keagan Maynard

      Can you add that other person the won in all dark she’s funny

    32. Hailey Chaplin


    33. WalkingVirus

      Bring back the emo fan girl! Would be interesting to see how she and emi get along

    34. Boston Campbell

      That Penguin though 😂😂

    35. CompulantGaming


    36. Owen Bowden

      5:06 why is this bird talking like this help me I need to die and yes my dad bid leave me =(

    37. Patience Skelley

      I said it was really funny

      1. Patience Skelley

        I think Eli is really funny

    38. Miltøkiシ

      Free kisses! In the corner: *1 pound*

    39. MysteryPuns

      God, I love the scottish accent. It always reminds me that eventhough people call my language aggressive (German) nothing can ever beat the Scottish accent.

    40. Zarah Wilson

      drumsy ngl illy is kind of cute

    41. Zane Tetrick

      i liked for scottish gal

    42. Dannie's vlogs

      scottish girl illy has a nice voice

    43. John Corballis

      I will like the video for you merida

    44. عمر الحسين

      Yea :o

    45. Jackson Francis

      Free kisses *1£*

    46. Laila Jedkins

      Illy's real nice! But why people why do you have to make her feel uncomfortable :(

    47. Thiago Estacio

      I’m a simp Super Intense Minecraft Player

    48. †Akuma†

      ILLYS FACE- is she okay?! That looked like it fucking hurt

    49. MiksonPL

      5:27 is the best angle. No need to thank me pervs

    50. Bogz142

      Liar this is 11 minutes

    51. Brandon Bird

      Can we just take a moment to stop and think about the captions saying illy as italy

    52. Emily Courser

      That ain't haven

    53. Themba Navin-Sanders

      Not going to lie, but, Ily sounds like that Scottish elf Rayla from The Dragon Prince.

    54. Shirley Cottam

      damn. *these sponsors get weirder and weirder.*

    55. Brain_Crack


    56. Kampfer nightshade

      Illy and the last girl with gold was super adorable.

    57. tony beasley


    58. iiCl9udyxx

      Demon woman: i would want to come out of the closet but i don think my grandparents would approve Me: gurl same DX

    59. anna stankiewicz

      Drumsy u should do a video where you let your subscribers give you dares to you and your friends and you will be doing them. And if u will here’s a dare form me.” I dare Ellie to slap all of u U.U

    60. BootyEater_69

      drumsy is using her for ppl to buy his stuff lol

    61. Spensa Maiuolo

      She is funny

    62. Leeroy

      i hate scottish people

    63. Austin Ramsey

      I'lly is so funny I want her to be in more videos please she's so funny

    64. The Supreme Noodle

      Everytime i close my eyes i see the creepy penguin

    65. Kolton Belanio

      I wish I could be with her in 7 min in heaven

    66. Doot


    67. XTra Saus

      Drumsy's player model is just adult Stingy from Lazytown with a beard.

    68. Tagz RBLX


    69. The king behind the scenes


    70. Tennessee ios

      Anyone else get the hentai ad :/

    71. gregg palmer

      Wait illy killed someone then banged her head on the door

    72. animefan10 Robertson

      I like u Scottish firiend bc I’m Scottish:3

    73. kat !!

      i love how illys only personality trait is "scottish" xD

    74. OTB

      Can you tell her I said hi no CREEPY stuff

    75. Gucci Queen

      Just taze them and put them in a trance theylll buy buy buy🤪🤪🤪🤪🤣🤣🤣

    76. Kendra Miller

      Don’t hurt yourself and don’t kill yourself you guys are awesome and I love you and everyone loves you I know your awesome and everyone knows your awesome

    77. zahgaming

      u lied drumsy it 11 minutes not 7

    78. General Grievous

      1:23 i didnt see the y at first

    79. Yamil Moyeno

      Don't bluer the bad parts

    80. jesspixie 76

      I’m actually Scottish to not fake at all mate

    81. brian murdach

      i am scotish

    82. SuicideRainbow

      I came here for Scottish girl and was reminded of my possible hair loss

    83. aaron e

      You scared me for a second when you said “what really would turn me on” and showed an elementary school child

    84. Anthony Freitas

      I like illi with a passion

    85. Sonny Mason

      Me am 7 don't worey

    86. Emmanuel Bonilla

      yea shes funny

    87. Mudamoid

      That skin and that accent just go together perfectly

    88. Beetroot and strawberry soup

      i hate illy

    89. Riley Snyder

      I’m from England

    90. Holy T Sticker

      You’re 45? Huh

    91. Random Things With Nadia And Kendal

      Wait i like the fangirl too much-

    92. Gabriel Castro

      Your mom has to be a damn poet to come up with such interesting rhymes

    93. M G

      Breezy is your girlfriend? lol

    94. DJ Dog 2007

      I like her avatar

    95. • E •

      Me who is also scottish: *Interesting*

    96. ynigo fogata

      "A small portion of my audience just got very turned on" HE IS A JEDI EMOTION READER!!!!

    97. Wyn0t aid-en Golloogly

      7:17 that is a girl but a guy is playing as a little girl

    98. Everett Cain

      1:38 "Don't forget me!!!" All my XC2 fans get the reference

    99. Asslt_primal

      I want to really 🌫

    100. Jack’0’Lantern

      Listen asides the video,the otter thing at the start was adorable