A virtual reality show for real reality people. Watch a 25 year old guy make friendships and then quickly ruin them in the virtual world.

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  1. Jodie Carter


  2. ERROR_X

    i'm friggin dying

  3. xhoi xhafa

    Eddy not swearinf when in the boys he swear at the boys videos

  4. cowspeed980

    i liked this vid until i heard her say "australia is s**t"

  5. SlowSloth 13

    u can tell its a joke look hes trying hard to smile

  6. SharkNix


  7. Jay Mckinnon

    For the plot

  8. Pringles VR

    I want dat toad outfit were did you find it telllll meeeeee

  9. Owen Weaver

    The body pillow behind peach

  10. GrauchGaming

    Bad news: I have VR now...

  11. JezLynn Woessner

    I like emmi she's funny

  12. ZR Gamer

    swiggity swooty.. my mums gonna swoop me

  13. Clifford Freed

    OMG I heard this now

  14. Worms are cool

    k fine whatever

  15. blackmib A

    2nd of april lol

  16. Aoi Jacobe De Vera

    Drumsy:and this is a bomb !!hit the deck!! Alien:*hits the deck*im hitting it!! Emi:drumsy let me cover you😊

  17. Jack H gang

    Simp is for super impressive Minecraft player

  18. Flash Kick

    Drums I feel you I have been broken up before as well sorry

  19. cody delreal

    emagin the comment thing was turned off

  20. denzqi

    Aww it's actually good plot

  21. Dommy CH

    Æ & Ü

  22. Bendoe

    april foolz lol

  23. coconut tv

    when he see’s barney all you see is the jump scare I AM DIEING LAUGHING WHEN HE CURSE 😂😂😂

  24. Jacob C

    *Spoiler alert* Jeff: Heart strings go brrr.

  25. hello E̺͆X̺͆E̺͆H҈ል

    My respect for twitter when emi said that she got banned:↗️↗️↗️↗️↗️

  26. Max Mouse

    You should make a video with lily and the rest of the group all together

  27. The-Anh PHAM

    Deku just shows up in a yellow suit, everyone screaming he says “You’re my little pogchamp” over and over is HILARIOUS

  28. Everett Mclaughlin

    Dear Drumsy, BESTIALITY IS A SIN

  29. mythaku

    nice april fools joke

  30. E͓̽V͓̽A͓̽N͓̽ A͓̽F͓̽T͓̽O͓̽N͓̽ღ /c͞h͞r͞i͞s͞ aft

    This snitch is rupid! -scooby the dog-

  31. Nate z Fredric

    Hay Australia is good

  32. E͓̽V͓̽A͓̽N͓̽ A͓̽F͓̽T͓̽O͓̽N͓̽ღ /c͞h͞r͞i͞s͞ aft

    I can’t speak Italian. -Dora the explorer

  33. Erick Adrian

    that map looks like the coraline movie

  34. Kathryn benson

    What plot

  35. Julio J.Dajer

    Did anyone cry

  36. DreadSh0ck

    wait was the bannana EddieVR

  37. OpenSauce

    6:59 almost choked at this 10/10

  38. ezrazz


  39. ezrazz

    amazing video :)

  40. BIG noob

    Hey I was a person who saw drumsy holding a child hostage, wanna learn how it went

  41. Liam

    Hi I’m Liam I’m 8 i allmost died 8 times I’m deformed I can’t say lowercase R that’s all

  42. TooSnowii

    “Babysitter, I don’t feel safe.” And I don’t like when you don’t hit that subscribe button more and you don’t see me crying. Lmao

  43. Roles Graffiti

    7:58 im not crying you are

  44. randump

    *Jeff what have you done*

  45. blue techo

    Drumsy: DID YOU EAT TACO BELL me:yes I did

  46. •:Blöødßhårk hêrõ:•

    Oh no a furry

  47. frmo canel


  48. DriftTheOne

    I dont watch it for plot, im just get so bored then i end up watching your videos....keep up the good content dude....i like your voice its very silky, good enough to be a book narrator

  49. Lenny Summers

    Me when my friend looks at me funny after he asked the Japanese Waitress if he could have a blow: 5:02

  50. Alexandru Stan


  51. Just L

    If you don't watch the no-no for the plot then you're weird

  52. cookie_gacha _kawia bear

    My real name is brooke-

  53. cartoon cat


  54. Joseph Patterson

    5:00 shes not wrong

  55. Daniel Jalmaani

    I said goodbye Because I told a lie Now I wanna die

  56. Speakingpluto24 Gaming

    Drumsy:here is plot of the video ) Me 👁👄👁

  57. Lenny Summers

    Lily 1 year ago: *HOLY SHET!* Lily in about half a year considering her Avatar being more and more Furry: *HOLY SHEEP!!*

  58. Dun diddly doo doo

    Drumsy at his own funeral: sure would be a shame if my death didn't warrant subscriptions

  59. Itz Candy_ #meh#

    OI im afennded Australia is tha best mate!

  60. Tonia Losty

    at least i have no friends

  61. R3DDR4GON XD

    Wut im not a simp

  62. Who knows

    "I TRIPPED ON YOUR FLOOR" *literally floating in the water*

  63. Mia Branigan

    Get help from a doctor


    he should be more in your videos HE IS GREAT AND HALARIOUS

  65. kayzilla 20

    EMI what's the

  66. i am so lonely

    "shes never lied before" *before*

  67. cookie_gacha _kawia bear

    Wait my name is brooke-

  68. Lamont Pruitt

    I have Challenge for u drumsy try to make one video hole sum with the gang

  69. Jacoby Smith


  70. ياسر عامر

    Don’t you dare be a furry

  71. The-Anh PHAM

    “Fill me with potassium, daddy” Drumsy -2021

  72. Shannon Joyce

    Bread 🍞 Bread 🥯 Bread 🥖 BREAD 🍞

  73. Kitty luna21

    The introder is just a charackter From HELL of a boss XD

  74. A Bird Filled With Chakra

    Drumsy's videos is slowly turning into Vezy's videos, just by looking at the thumbnail i can tell.

  75. EliteMaykr

    Wait, Drumsy's videos HAS GOOD PLOT.

  76. Sheila M


  77. MapleMuffin

    R.I.P Jeff 😭💔


    I mean what ever you think of someone probably did it. Like stay up all knight in VR chat

  79. Kaden Foltz

    Van Go brrrrrrrr

  80. F7P_dinonuggies

    as an avgeek that was not an f-22 raptor